Daisy dares you

Daisy May Keely Coburn1 - Date of birth
November 5, 19931993-11-05 24 years old - Place of birth - Great Dunmow, Essex, United Kingdom2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
singer, songwriter
Years of activity
2009—2010 Daisy Dares You
2013 - í in Pink Lizards
Vocals, guitar, piano / keyboard2
Pop - Collectives - Pink Lizards - Partnerships - Chipmunk - Labels - Jive, RCA - Daisy May Keeley Coburn English Daisy May Keeley Coburn; genus November 5, 199313 - British singer-songwriter Best known for her pseudonym Daisy Dares You, who performed between 2009 and 2010 and recorded an album that was never released. After that, the contract with the label was terminated. As of 2013 she lives in Brighton for a year and plays in the Pink Lizards band, where she is the guitarist and lead singer4
1 Early life
2 Songs and influence genres
3 Rush
4 Discography
41 Singles - 42 EP - 43 Music Videos - 5 Notes - Early Life edit code
Born in Great Dunmow, Essex County. Came from a musical family, as her mother worked as a backing vocalist for Duran Duran and The The5. Cobern learned to play guitar and piano at the age of 6 During Boxing Day 2007 Coburn and her friends performed the song “Hurt” Her mother’s friend, Matthew Marston, heard the song and invited Coburn to her recording studio to record it6 Later, Coburn and Marston collaborated on their debut album Rush
After participating in extensive advertising company giants such as The Times7, BBC7, and The Guardian2 Corburn got the opportunity to sign a recording studio. She worked with Empire and Jive, a subsidiary of Sony Records6. According to sources, there were “bidding wars” between the labels to sign a contract with Daisy. 26 The singer actively uses streaming resources. for example, MySpace8 and a Youtube9 channel to distribute your music
The first single by Coburn, “Number One Enemyruen”, recorded together with British Chipmunk English10, entered the top twenty UK Singles Chart
Song genres and influence edit | edit code
Before making a contract with labels, Coburn herself composed music for the guitar6 In her debut album, the mother of a friend Daisy Matthew Martson played the role of co-author of several songs6 Themes for lyrics Coburn draws from her personal life Parenting in a musical family and reading poetry gave her a good foundation how for the future songwriter5 The singer tried herself in different genres - tin-pope7, pop-rock2, pope6 and electro-pope5 Daisy was inspired by diverse personalities and groups, which led to the variety of genres. Influence on her work ok the showers: Nirvana, Lou Reed810, Florence and the Machine and Bat for Lashes The last two indie groups, according to the singer, especially influenced her as a songwriter, commenting on it like this: “they lyrics look like pop only at first glance” 65
In the press, Coburn was often compared with British singer Lily Allen510 and Canadian singer Avril Lavigne2 Commenting on the last comparison, Daisy said: “We were compared just because I am also a young girl Honestly, those who say that I was inspired by creativity Avril, are greatly mistaken »6
Rushreport | edit code
Rush - the debut studio album Daisy Dares You, which was scheduled to be released in June 2010. Separately, the single "Rosie" was released in May of that year. 11 The album was never released
Duration - 1 - Number One Enemy - Daisy Coburn, Matthew Marston, Chipmunk - 3:47 AM 2
Rosie - Daisy Coburn, Matthew Marston, Rob Wells - 3:23
Who Will Buy

4 Rush by Daisy Coburn, Matthew Marston, Shanid Kahn, Jodi Marr

Coburn, Marston
“Talk About The Weather” - Coburn, Marston - 3:51 a.m. - 8
Coburn, Marston

“Next Few Minutes” - Coburn, Marston
“Caught Up”
Coburn, Marston, Anders Callmark

“Stuck & amp; Still ”
Coburn, Marston, Wells

“ Hunter ”
Coburn, Marston, Wells

Discography edit | edit code
Singles edit | edit code - Year - Single - Top charts - Album
UK - DEN on 2010 - Number One Enemy with Chipmunk 1312
Rush - Rosie

EPedit | edit code
iTunes Festival: London 2010 | Musical video editing | edit code | Year | Title | Director | 2009 | Daisy Dares You | Elisha Smith-Leverock 13/13/2010 | Number One Enemy featuring Chipmunk
Rebel Alliance14
Frank Borin15
Notes edit code
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