60th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade

2009 - n in the country
Russia Russia
Eastern Military District
Included in the 5th Army
motorized rifle troops
from Kamen-Rybolov and from Monastery Primorsky Territory
60th Separate Motorized Rifle Red Banner Brigade - formation of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Service name - Military unit No. 16871 in / h 16871 Abbreviated name - 60th ombsbr. Formation is part of the 5th Army of the Eastern Military District. Point of permanent deployment - with Kama. angler and Monastery of Primorsky Territory [1]
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2 Composition
3 Notes
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60th Separate Motorized Rifle Red Banner Brigade created from the 218th tank regiment of the 127th machine-gun and artillery order of the Kutuzov division. It occupies the location of the disbanded 29th motorized infantry of the Polotsk Order of the Suvorov division
The brigade was involved in eliminating the consequences of flooding in the Far East in 2013 [2]
management [3];
1st motorized rifle battalion;
2nd motorized rifle battalion;
3rd motorcycle trill battalion;
tank battalion;
1st howitzer self-propelled artillery division;
2nd howitzer self-propelled artillery division;
rocket artillery division;
anti-tank artillery division;
anti-aircraft missile division;
anti-aircraft missile and artillery division;
reconnaissance battalion;
engineering and sapper battalion;
battalion of the communications command;
repair and recovery battalion; and battalion of material support;
rifle company snipers;
company RHBZ;
company UAV;
company EW;
commandants th company;
medical company;
battery control and artillery reconnaissance of the chief of artillery;
platoon control and radar reconnaissance of the air defense chief;
platoon management of the head of the intelligence department;
platoon of instructors;
platoon simulators;
training ground;
↑ 60th separate motorized rifle brigade of the military unit 16871 rus Military units of Russia Checked December 26, 2017
↑ More than 400 machine-runs performed by the joint units of the Defense Ministry RF Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense 12082013 Pr Over December 26, 2017
↑ Eastern Military District - BBO eng Milkavkaz April 19, 2017 Verified June 25, 2017 Archived April 19, 2017
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60-я отдельная мотострелковая бригада

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