Yahya ibn Main

Yahya ibn Main ibn Avn al-Murri al-Gatafani
Profession, occupation:
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Anbar, Iraq
Date of death :
Place of death:
Medina, Medina, Saudi Arabia
Abbasid caliphate
Religion: Islam, Sunnism and Hanafism
Main ibn Avn - Theological activity - Direction of activity: Hadith studies
Basra - Teachers:
Sufyan ibn Uyain and Ibn al-Mubarak
Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Muhammad al-Bukhari, Ibn Sad al-Baghd adi and Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj
Tarikh Ibn Maine rivayat ad-Darimid
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Abu Zakariya Yahya ibn Mayn al-Baghdadi Arab يحيى بن معين; 775, near al-Anbar - 847, Medina - Islamic theologian, traditionalist
Biography edit
His full name: Abu Zakariya Yahya ibn Main ibn Avn al-Murri al-Gatafani al-Baghdadi Born in 775 near al-Anbar The freedman of maul al-Junaid ibn Abdurrahman al-Murri inherited a considerable fortune from his father and reportedly spent everything on the acquisition of the hadiths of the prophet Muhammad1
Among his teachers were Sufyan ibn Uayyna and Ibn al-Mubarak Among his students were such famous Muhaddis Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Muhammad al-Bukhar and Ibn Sad al-Baghdadi1
In 833, the caliph al-Mamun ordered Yahya ibn Main, Ibn Sad al-Baghdadi and five other theologians to testify to the creation of the Qur'an Mikhn and, under the threat of death, they executed the order of the caliph After this, Ahmad ibn Hanbal fundamentally stopped talking to them1
According to the general opinion of Islamic hadith scholars, Yahya ibn Maine attributed a large number of hadiths to false ones and is considered as one of the most important early Ridzhal experts. It is reported that he left behind a huge library. Some of his r the works were published1
Died in 847 during the Hajj in Medina1
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Яхья ибн Маин

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