Edziza English Mount Edziza - a stratovolcano in the province of British Columbia, Canada Located in the Anglrusk Provincial Park Edziza Anglrusk
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The official name of Mount Edziza Peak was fixed on September 24, 1945 on the basis of a geological survey of the Stykin River, which was made on December 3, 1974 in 1926 year name changed to Mount Edziza taking into account local toponymy and aeronautical charts Talt en atabasques means “red sand” red dust covers nearby area2 Taltan Indians of England more than 10,000 years ago used local obsidian for making tools and weapons. Objects made in this area were found far beyond its borders, to the extreme northwest of British Columbia and Alaska3
Geography edit
Reaches a height of 2793 meters. It is part of the Edziz Anglrusk volcanic complex that covers the Taltan plateau. Anglrusk. It is located between the Hoodu and Level volcanoes. The nearest settlement is located to the north-west of Telegraph Creek Anglrusk
Geology edit
Composed mainly of basalts The composition of the remaining rocks is diverse, from alkaline materials to acid igneous rocks. The summit is crowned with a volcanic crater with a diameter of 1600 m. On the southern slope 2 -kilometer caldera, which is covered with ice. Included in the Tencho glacier. Volcano formed about 1 million - 900 thousand years ago. Volcanism edit
Included in the northern volcanic zone of the Cordilleras Volcanic formation took place in several stages:
At the initial stage, minor flows of basaltic lavas emerged from several volcanic cracks. Later these flows combined and formed a basaltic shield. The volcano was strongly eroded
At the second stage, lava flows erupted from at least 4 volcanic faults in north-south direction from the basalt shield, which was formed at the 1st stage. Lava flows consisted of alkaline basalts, which moved rather quickly and covered the surrounding area and plateau with insignificant lava lava Activity shifted from volcanic faults to the main crater of the Edziz volcano. The stage ended with a minor explosive release of trachyte pumice onto the surface, after which a large amount of lava consisting of trachytes came to the surface. The eastern slope of the mountain was destroyed by a phreatic explosion and severely eroded. - Final formation phase Ejiza began with an eruption of alkaline basalts, which came from a cone located in the northwestern part of the volcano, which cracked. eruption of basaltic lavas from more than 30 volcanic cracks that formed on the slopes This phase ended with the explosive release of rhyolite pumice
The last volcanic eruption occurred a little more than 1000 years ago and was explosive with the release of lavas to the surface Currently no volcanic activity is observed The top of the volcano is covered with a glacier. Despite this, eruption products were found in the underworld
Tourism and mountaineering edit
There is no active tourism in this area, since it is difficult to work in the terrain it is better to climb to the top with a guide, since the path to it is dangerous with crevices covered with thin ice Special climbing equipment is required, since the path passes along a 2-km downhill terrain covered with ice and snow. It is most convenient to start climbing from the western slope of the mountain. August, the ascent due to the mentioned crevices is most dangerous
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en: Mount Edziza volcanic complex
en: Mount Edziza Provincial Park and Recreation Area
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