Ferris Wheel (film, 1926)

Grigory Kozintsev - Leonid Trauberg - Scriptwriter
Adrian Piotrovsky
Pyotr Sobolevsky
Lyudmila Semenova
Sergey Gerasimov
Andrei Moskvin - Film company - Sevzapkino - Duration
40 minutes, Country
Russian, Year
ID 0016726
The Ferris Wheel movie release
The Ferris Wheel is a feature film directed by Grigory Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg. Filmed based on the story of Veniamin Kaverin “The End of the Khazy” at the Sevzapkino factory in 1926.
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There are ruined houses on the outskirts that threaten to collapse ...
On a walk in the garden of the People’s House, crewman Ivan Shorin met with Valya and, having missed the appointed time, was late for the boat leaving for the cruiser. The next morning he was supposed to go on a long overseas trip and his slight delay turned into desertion. Young people were sheltered by artists who turned out to be in fact an ordinary punks. Not wanting to become a thief, Ivan runs and surrenders to the authorities. After the trial of his comrades and fair punishment, he returns to his former life.
Pyotr Sobolevsky - Ivan Shorin, Red Navy from the cruiser Aurora
Lyudmila Semenova - street girl Valka
Sergey Gerasimov - magician "Man -question ”, leader of a gangster band - Emil Gal - Coco's estradnik, friend of the“ question ”
Yanina Zheimo - girl from punks
Sergey Martinson - conductor of the orchestra
Andrey Kostrichkin - one of the inhabitants of the thieves brothel
Nikolai Gorodnichev - a punks named “manager” - Antonio Cerep - the owner of the cellar In the episodes - Pavel Berezin, Tatyana Wentzel, Alexei Kapler - Alexander Kostomolotsky, Evgeny Kumeyko
Camera crew - Writer: Adrian Piotrovsky
Directors: Grigory Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg
Operator: Andrei Moskvin
Artist: Eugene Yeney
New edition
Until our time, the film has not been completely preserved (the third and sixth parts are missing)
In 2002, the tape was re-sounded by the State Culture and Radio Company “Culture”:
Composer: M. Kravchenko
Music editor: I. Samoshina
Sound producer: E. Shcheglova
Sound director: Z. Yangulbieva
Videoin Zhener: A. Davydova
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Чёртово колесо (фильм, 1926)

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