Chernevsky rural district

Russia - Subject of the Federation - Moscow Oblast - Administrative-territorial unit - Status - rural district
Administrative center
Village of the central estate of the state farm “40 years of October”
February 3, 1994
Canceled on November 29, 2006
Time zone
MSK – 1 UTC + 21
Automotive codes 50, 90, 150, 190, 7502
Chernevsky rural district - the abolished administrative-territorial unit that existed on the territory of the Zaraysky district of the Moscow region in 1994-2006
Chernevsky rural council was formed in the early years of government According to 1923, it was part of the Spas-Zhuravensky volost of the Kashirsky district of Moscow province
February 2, 1925 the Spas-Zhuravensky volost was renamed Dostoevsky volost3
According to the data of 1926, Chernevsky s / s included the villages of Chernevo-1 and Chernevo-24
In 1929, Chernevsky s / s was assigned to the Zaraisk district of the Kolomna district of the Moscow region
April 5, 1936 Chernevsky s / s was abolished, and its territory was included in the Dubakinsky village council on July 17, 1939 years Chernevsky s / s was restored by combining Dubakinsky s / with without the village of Kozyakovo and the villages of Gremyachevo-1, Gremyachevo-2 and the estate of the farm named after Kaganovich, the abolished Lomtevsky s / s
on April 12, 1952, the village of Lomtevo Trasnensky s / s was added to Chernevsky s / s on June 22, 1954 the village of Kozyakovo of Khlopovsky s / s was attached to Chernevsky s / s
May 21, 1959 the village of Kozyakovo was transferred from Chernevsky s / s to Bolshe-Ilyinsky s / s of the Kashirsky district
February 1, 1963 the Zaraisk district was abolished and Chernevsky s / s entered the Kolomensky rural area on January 11, 1965. Chernevsky s / s was in front of n to the restored Zaraysky district
September 10, 1968 the villages of Barebino, Zimenki-2, Solopovo-2 and Trasna of the abolished Trasnensky s / s were annexed to Chernevsky s / s
on March 6, 1975 in Chernevsky s / s were abolished villages of Krasnye Vyselki and Lomtevo, May 30, 1978 - Gremyachevo-1, and October 25, 1984 - Zimenki-2
February 3, 1994 Chernevsky s / s was transformed into Chernevsky rural district5
During the municipal reform 2004— 2005, the Chernevsky rural district ceased to exist as a municipal unit. Moreover, all of its population points were transferred to the rural settlement of Mashonovskoye6
November 29, 2006 the Chernevsky rural district was excluded from the registration data of the administrative-territorial and territorial units of the Moscow region7
Notes to edit
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Черневский сельский округ

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