Martinez Somalo, Eduardo

His Eminence Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo (Spanish: Eduardo Martinez Somalo; born March 31, 1927, Banos de Rio Tobià, Spain) was a Spanish cardinal and Vatican diplomat. Titular Archbishop of Tagore from November 12, 1975 to June 28, 1988. Apostolic Nuncio in Colombia from November 12, 1975 to May 5, 1979. From May 5, 1979 to June 28, 1988 - Deputy State Secretary of the Holy See. Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Services and the Discipline of the Sacraments from July 1, 1988 to January 21, 1992. Prefect of the Congregation for Institutions of Devoted Life and Societies of Apostolic Life from January 21, 1992 to February 11, 2004. Cameronela of the Holy Roman Church from April 5, 1993 to April 4, 2007. Cardinal Deacon with the Deacon of the Holy Name of Jesus from June 28, 1988. Cardinal Protodeacon from January 29, 1996 to January 9, 1999. Cardinal Priest from January 9, 1999, with the title of the church pro ha vice of the Holy Name of Jesus.
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2 Diplomat and Bishop
3 At the Most Important Posts in the Roman Curia
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Beginning of the Way
Eduardo Martinez Somalo was born on March 31, 1927, in The town of Baños de Rio Tobià, in the diocese of Calahorra and La Calzada, in Spain.
Educated at the Logrono Seminary and the Pontifical Gregorian University (licentiate of theology and canonical law), continued his education at the Pontifical Church Academy and at the Pontifical Lateran University, where he received a doctoral canon law.
March 19, 1950, was ordained a priest , Monsignor Luigi Traglia, the titular archbishop of Cesarea di Palestine, governor of Rome (the future cardinal). Pastoral work in the curia of the diocese, and teaching at the Institute of Marco Fabio Quintiliano, and continuing education in Rome.
Diplomat and Bishop
August 1, 1956 invited to work in the Vatican Secretariat of State. In 1957–1970, he was secretary of the apostolic nunciature and taught at the Pontifical Church Academy. April 14, 1960, freelance secret chamberlain of His Holiness. Responsible for the Spanish department at the Vatican State Secretariat. In 1970, Advisor to the Apostolic Delegation in the UK. Official in the Vatican Secretariat State from 1970 to 1975. Also pastoral work at the Rome Hospital. From May 14, 1970 honorary prelate of His Holiness. He was elected titular archbishop of Tagore and appointed apostolic nuncio in Colombia, from November 12, 1975 to May 5, 1979. Dedicated to the bishops on December 13, 1975, at the Vatican, Cardinal Jean Villeau, Cardinal Bishop of Frascati Suburbicary Diocese, Secretary of State of the Holy See performed the ordination. Deputy Secretary of the Vatican from May 5, 1979 to June 28, 1988.
At the most important posts in the Roman Curia
Erected in the cardinal deacons in the consistory of June 28, 1988 with the deacon of the Holy Name of Jesus.
Prefect of the Congregation of Worship and disciplines of the sacraments from July 1, 1988 to January 21, 1992. Prefect of the Congregation for the Institutions of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life from January 21, 1992 to February 11, 2004. Kamerlengo Holy Roman Church since April 5, 1993. Cardinal Protodeacon from January 29, 1996 to January 9, 1999. On January 9, 1999, he was elevated to the dignity of a cardinal priest and retained his title.
Resigned from the post of prefect upon reaching old age, on February 11, 2004. One of the influential cardinals in the Roman Curia. In the period of Sede Vacante, was and. about. Head of the Vatican. Participated in the Conclave of 2005.
At the papal court, he adjoined the entourage of Pope Benedict XVI. On March 31, 2007, Cardinal Somalo turned 80 years old and he lost his right to participate in the Conclave. On April 4 In 2007 Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo from the post of Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church. His successor in this post was the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.
Information (English)
Preceded by: Giuseppe Caprio
Under-Secretary of State of the Holy See for General Affairs
May 5, 1979 - March 23, 1988
Edward Cassidy
Preceded by: Cardinal Paul Augustine Mayer
Prefect of the Congregation for Worship and the Sacrament Discipline
July 1, 1988 - January 21, 1992
Cardinal Antonio Maria Javierre Ortas
Preceded by:
Cardinal Jean Jérôme Ameré, Prefect of the Congregation institutions of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life
January 21, 1992 - February 11, 2004
Cardinal Franz Rode
Preceded by:
Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio
April 5, 1993 - April 4, 2007
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
Preceded by:
Cardinal Durays Simon Lourdusami
Protodeacon on January 29, 1996 - January 9, 1999
Cardinal Pio Lagi
Regulatory Control
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Мартинес Сомало, Эдуардо

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