Regular Clerics

Regular clerics in the Catholic Church are a kind of monastic order, whose members are engaged in pastoral activities, as well as education and works of charity. Regular clerics are not in strict lock, and are more focused on social activities than on in-depth spiritual work on themselves in monasteries. They are exempt from the communal reading of the Liturgy of hours, obligatory for the monks of contemplative orders. The theaters, formed in 1524, became the first order of regular clerics. Until the end of the XVI century, about a dozen orders of regular clerics were formed, the most famous and numerous of which were the Jesuits. Some of these orders were subsequently dissolved. Currently, there are eight orders of regular clergy in the Catholic Church:
Varnavits and Jesuits
Camillians and Piarists
Somaskas and Theatrists and Order of Regular Clerics of the Mother of God
Order of Regular Smaller Clerics
The Order of Regular Clerics of the Mother of God
The Order of Regular Clerics of the Mother of God (Ordo Clericorum Regularium Matris Dei, OMD) was founded in 1574 by Saint John Leonardi (canonized in 1938) in Italy, approved in 1595. Monks are engaged in various types of pastoral activities. In 2009, there were 89 monks in the order, 50 of them were priests. The Order is owned by 17 cloisters.
The Order of Smaller Regular Clerics
The Order of Smaller Regular Clerics (Ordo Clericorum Regularium Minorum, C.R.M.) was founded in Naples in 1588. The main occupation of the members of the order is Eucharistic and missionary service. In 2009, there were 123 monks in the order, 63 of them were priests. The Order owns 19 monasteries located in Italy and the United States. About Varnavites, Jesuits, Kamillians, Piarists, Somascans, and Teatinians, see the corresponding articles.
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