Khudoroshkina, Irina Aleksandrovna

Irina Aleksandrovna Khudoroshkina - Date and place of birth
October 13, 19681968-10-13 48 years old - Kazakh SSR, USSR - Citizenship - Russia - Height - 175 cm
93 kg
62784 - Personal records - Kernel 2032 1996 - Personal records at home - Kernel
5073 2003 - International medals - Olympic Games - Bronze - Atlanta 1996
shot put
European Indoor Championships - Silver
Stockholm 1996
shot put
Birmingham 2007 - shot put - Last update: January 25, 2013
Irina Aleksandrovna Khudoroškina October 13, 1968, Kazakh SSR - Russian athlete, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in shot put, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, represented the Moscow Region
In 1996, Irina won a silver medal at the European Indoor Championships, losing only to the German Astrid Kumbernuss At the Olympics in Atlanta she won passing bronze ahead Astrid Cumbernuss and Chinese woman Sui Xinmei
In April 2004, Khudoroshkin was convicted of doping and disqualified for two years1 In 2006, she returned to sports and became the European Championship 7th A year later, at the European Indoor Championships, Irina won her second silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, Khudoroshkina showed a modest result and became only the 25th in qualification
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Худорошкина, Ирина Александровна

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