Hitchens, Peter

October 28, 19511951-10-281 66 years old
Place of birth:
Sliema, Outer Harbor, Malta
Country: United Kingdom, Occupation: Journalist, writer, blogger
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Peter Hitchens was born in 1951 - an English journalist and writer, author of six books, a former foreign correspondent for The Mail on Sunday in Moscow and Washington. Brother of another well-known publicist and journalist Christopher Hitchens
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Studied first at The Leys School, then at Oxford College of Continuing Education, then at York University he studied philosophy and politics there, also studied at Alcuin College, which he graduated in 1973
From 1969 to 1975 r was a member of the British organization International Socialists, the forerunners of the modern left-wing radical Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party. In 1977, he joined the Labor Party, but in 1983 left it. Exiting the Labor Party coincided with a personal disappointment in its ideologist. AI
Hitchens worked for the Daily Express from 1977 to 2000, first as a reporter specializing in education, industry and labor, then as a political reporter, and then as deputy political editor
From 1980- Hitchens worked as a foreign reporter, at first mainly in communist Eastern Europe. He was also a foreign reporter in the USA, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Somalia, Canada, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey , in Iraq, in China, in the DPRK and in some other countries íàõ
In 1997 he joined the Conservative Party, but left it in 2003
After quitting his Daily Express job, he moved to The Mail on Sunday, where he has a weekly column - In 2010 Hitchens Laureates Orwell Award
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In 2015
Although he used to be a socialist, according to political views he considers himself a “Berkovsky” conservative and at the same time a social democrat, while he criticizes the Conservative Party, being sure that it is only hiding behind a conservative ideology, while in fact, it is the left-wing party. It is opposed to UK membership in the European Union. Hitchens defends a society governed by conscience and the rule of law, he considers such a society the best guarantee of freedom, while constantly attacking the political correspondent rektnost Proponent of the death penalty Opponent of decriminalization of drugs
Hitchens opposed the war in Kosovo and in 2003 in Iraq, opposes the British military presence in Afghanistan, arguing that he has no achievable goal Hitchens calls for better relations between the West and modern Russia, he condemns the Soviet Union, calling it an “empire of evil”, criticizes Putin for corruption Endorsed a referendum in Crimea in 2014 In the Arab-Israeli conflict supports Israel
Peter Hitchens is English Ikan Christian, although earlier, as a socialist, he was an atheist. Supporter of traditional values and virtues. He criticizes left-wing politicians from a religiously conservative position. His brother is Christopher Hitchens, a well-known American journalist and publicist with atheistic views, and also a former left-wing Peter. brothers are completely different people: “If we were not brothers, we would not know each other” However, the brothers periodically discussed religious and political issues until Christopher, the elder brother, died fox in 2011
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Хитченс, Питер

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