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Herut (Hebrew חֵרוּת, freedom) is an Israeli political movement founded in June 1948 by members Ezela (Irgun tsvai leummi) in order to turn Ezel from an underground military organization into a parliamentary party, which happened since October 1948.
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1948 - 1973
Founder and First the party leader was Menachem Begin; among the founders of the Herut were [1] Dr. I. Bader [2], E. Meridor [3], Esther Raziel-Naor [4] [5], J. Meridor [6], E. Lankin [7], X Landau [8].
In the First Knesset elections held on January 25, 1949, the Herut movement received 11.5% of the vote (14 seats) [9].
On the eve of the Knesset elections In 1965, on the basis of “Herut” and the Liberal Party, the “Gakhal” bloc was created, which received 26 seats in the elections [10].
In 1973, on the basis of the “Gakhal” and several smaller parties, the party “ Likud. " In 1977, the former head of Irgun, Menahem Begin, became Israeli Prime Minister as a result of the victory of the Likud party in the elections.
Since 1999
New Herut (also Herut - National Movement) was created in 1999 as a successor historical "Herut". According to the New Herut, the need for a party revival arose when the Likudo government of Israel enforced the Hebron agreement and agreed to transfer part of the territory of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority in Wye Plant. Knesset members Beni Begin (son of Menachem Begin), Michael Kleiner, and David Reem left the Likud and established the Jewish National Movement, a political instrument for continuing the struggle for the Land of Israel. Authoritative figures such as the country's ex-prime minister Yitzhak Shamir, a well-known politician, publicist and writer Shmuel Katz supported the use of the historical name by the new-old movement. After the election failure, Beni Begin temporarily left politics and the movement was led by Michael Kleiner. The New Herut enjoyed the support of the Beitar youth movement associated with the Likud and participated in the session of the World Jewish Congress. In the next election in 2003, Kleiner teamed up with Baruch Marzel, but the party was unable to overcome the 2% barrier and did not enter the Knesset (gained 36,000 votes, with 47,000 minimum). In the 2006 elections, Herut again failed to overcome the barrier. Also, Baruch Marzel, this time at the head of the Jewish National Front, did not overcome the barrier. Shortly before the 2009 elections, Kleiner returned to Likud after Beni Begin, but, unlike him, did not become a deputy.
By the 2009 elections, Baruch Marzel decided to head the Eretz Israel Shelanu party created by Rabbi Shalom Volpo, thus, after the last failure in the 2006 election, the party no longer came to the Knesset and ceased to exist. The Eretz Israel Shelanu party was included in the Ihud Leumi bloc, which received 4 seats in the Knesset of the 18th convocation, one of which was won by its deputy, Michael Ben-Ari. Baruch Marzel himself decided not to be elected to the Knesset.
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