Frumkina, Maria Yakovlevna

Malka Yankelevna Livshits - Date of birth:
Place of birth: Minsk, Date of death: June 9, 19431943-06-09
Place of death:
Karlag br> Country:
Maria Yakovlevna Frumkina nee Malka Yankelevna Livshits, in Frumkin's first marriage, in the second - Vikhman, party and literary pseudonym Esther 1880, Minsk - June 9 1943, Karlag - member of the Jewish Social Democratic and Communist movement, politician, publicist - Contents
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Born in a family of melamad Received traditional Jewish religious education Graduated from Minsk Mariinsky Gymnasium, Higher pedagogical courses in St. Petersburg Since 1897 a member of the Bund organization in Minsk, since 1910 a member of its Central Committee Conducted party work in the cities of Belarus and Ukraine In 1905-07 party periodicals After the February Revolution, one of the leaders of the left wing of the Bund, edited the newspaper Der Wecker, a member of the Minsk Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies, was elected to the Minsk City Duma in the summer of 1917, I went to the city council of the Jewish community. I promoted the creation of the first Jewish Soviet and Belarusian schools in Minsk. From the spring of 1919, a member of the Central Military Exhibition Center, Litbel. In 1919-1920, a member of the Gomel Provincial Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies; from the fall of 1920, the People's Commissar of Education of the BSSR In 1920-21, one of the leaders of the Kombund, after its merger with the RKPb, one of the leaders of the EUSection of the RKPb, a member of the editorial board of the Der Emes newspaper. In 1928 she was co-editor of the magazines Yungvald and Pioneer. Both were 1925–28. In 1922–25, vice-rector, in 1925–36 rector of the National Communist University minorities of the West
P she didn’t participate in the preparation and publication in Yiddish of the Collected Works of VI Lenin in 8 Toyahs, the author of Lenin’s biography in Yiddish survived the 3rd edition in 1925-26
In 1938 the NKVD was arrested, in 1940 she was sentenced to 8 years as “a member of the illegal counter-revolutionary nationalist organizations »Died in the camp Rehabilitated posthumously
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“Zu der Broke Wern der Yidischer Folkshul” “On the Question of the Jewish Public School”, Vilna, 1910; 3rd edition - St. Petersburg, 1917
“Vos far folkshuln darfn world hobn” “What public schools should we have”, M, 1917
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Фрумкина, Мария Яковлевна

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