Philippi, Federico

December 16, 18381838-12-16
Place of birth:
Naples, Italy
Date of death:
January 16, 19101910-01-16 71 years
Place of death:
Santiago, Chile
Country: Italy, Italy, Italy, Chile, Chile, Science: Botany, Federico Philippi on Wikimedia Commons, Wildlife Systematics, Author of a number of botanical taxa, In the botanical binary nomenclature, these the names are supplemented by the abbreviation "FPhil"
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Federico Philippi ital Federico Philippi12 or Spanish Federico Enrique Eunom3, or its Friedric h Heinrich Eunom13, December 16, 1838 - January 16, 1910 - Chilean botanist of German descent, professor of botany, an outstanding natural scientist, a descendant of German immigrants3
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Biography edit
Federico Filippi was born in Naples on December 16, 18383 in the family of Rudolf Amandus Filippi 1808-1904, paleontologist, botanist, zoologist and naturalist
Philippi became his father's successor in the Department of Natural History , professor of botany at Chilean University and National Institute, director of the Botanical Garden34 and the National Museum35 He described more than 150 species of plants6, including 33 new ones, including Leucocoryne coquimbensis7 Philippi bequeathed all his collections and works to the National Museum of Natural History of Chile8
Federico Filippi died in Santiago on January 16, 19103
Scientific activityedit

Federico Filippi specialized in seed plants1
The following plant species were named after him: Conophytum philippii LBolus9 and Tristagma philippii Gand10
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Links edit
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Филиппи, Федерико

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