Thebes (football club)

Thebes (FR. SC Fivois) is a French football club from a homonymous suburb in the east of Lille. “Thebes” was founded in 1901, in 1944 it merged with another club from Lille “Olympic”, which resulted in the formation of “Lille. [1].
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Thebes was founded in 1901, in the suburbs of Lille Thebes. Initially, the team was called Thebes of Thebes (fr. L'Eclair Fivois), under this name the club played until 1919, when the team was renamed Thebes Sports Club. [1]
In 1932, Thebes received professional status and took part in the first draw of the French football championship. The first game in the history of the club on a professional level ended in a 1-1 draw against the Cannes club. The first victory was won in the third round of the championship against Olimpik from the city of Ales with a score of 3: 0. [2]
In 1934, Thebes achieved its best achievement in the French championship. In the 1933/1934 season, the team finished second in the table with 13 wins from 26 matches, losing just 1 point to the tournament winner - Setu. [3]
The team participated in the elite division for 7 years until World War II .
In 1941, Thebes reached the final of the French Football Cup, in which they faced the Bordeaux. The meeting ended 2-0 in favor of Bordeaux.
In 1944, the team was on the verge of extinction. This is caused by military reforms, during which professional football players of French clubs went to war. Subsequently, it was decided to combine the two successful teams in the elite division of the club “Thebes” and “Olympic Lille” in one new team of the city - “Lille.” [1]
French Championship
Vice-champion: 1933 / 34 - French Cup:
Finalist: 1940/41
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Olympic Lille
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