Tyutyunnik, Vasily Savvich

March 24, April 7, 18601860-04-07 - Birth place - Mr. Nedrigailov, Kharkov province, Russian Empire - Date of death - May 24, 19241924-05-24 64 years old - Place of death
Moscow, USSR
Russian Empire, USSR
Professions - opera singer, teacher, opera director
Singing voice and bass
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Vasily Savvich Tyutyunnik March 24, April 7, 1860, Mr. Nedrigailov of the Kharkov province, now the Sumy region, according to some sources, was born in Samara May 1 - 24, 1924, Moscow - opera singer, director, and vocal teacher
Father of the singer VV Tyutyunnik 1905-1985; in 1948-1959 he was a soloist in the bass of the Bolshoi Theater2 - Contents - 1 Biography - 2 Concert activity - 3 Opera parts - 4 Performances in the Bolshoi theater - 5 Teaching - 6 Works
7 Notes
8 Literature
Biography edit
After graduating from the Samara gymnasium, he left for Moscow In 1881-1886, he was a student at the Moscow Conservatoire3: he began learning to play the violin, then transferred to the vocal class; educators L. Kazati, J. Galvani, from 1883 - F. P. Komissarzhevsky, stage teacher and Samarin Graduated from the conservatory with a large silver medal
During his studies he performed in student performances and concerts - Immediately after graduating from the Moscow Conservatory, he was accepted into the imperial Petersburg The Mariinsky Theater3 In 1886-1888, he was a soloist of the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater
At the same time he took part in the performances of the Italian Opera at the imperial theaters in Petersburg1
In 1888-1912, he was a soloist of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater not acted as a director of opera performances in the years 1903-1910 - acting chief director of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater, replacing AI Barzano, and in 1911 for the position atonement VP Shkafer45
In 1912 the singer left the stage of the Bolshoi Theater; the singer’s farewell performance took place in the part of Papageno - “The Magic Flute” by A.A. Mozart1 This opera was first performed in the Bolshoi Theater in 1889, when the young singer Vasily Tyutyunnik performed in that part
In recent months, his work on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, and also having left there, in 1911-1917, Vasily Savich took an active part in organizing public performances in the Moscow Georgian and Sergievsky People’s Houses, where he staged several opera performances, including the operas Life for the Tsar, Treason, etc.
In 1917 —1924 - director at the P. Tchaikovsky Vocal Studio
Pruzhansky AM noted: “Possessed a small flexible voice of a wide range. The performance was distinguished by its subtle phrasing and sense of style. Acting talent of the singer was manifested in dramatic roles” 1
The singer is buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow - Concert activityrepeat - Sang s / y U Avranek, IK Altani, AS Arensky, EF Guides, VI Bitch - In 1888 he performed a solo part in the cantata "On the death of Emperor Joseph I" L Beethoven - March 7, 1893 performed the part of Satan from Mu the languages of EF Nomadnik to the dramatic poem “Don Juan” by A Tolstoy
Since 1906, a group of Russian music lovers performed concerts by A Dargomyzhsky, M Mussorgsky, M Balakirev, A Rubinstein’s songs The singer’s repertoire included works by M Glinka, A Dargomyzhsky , P. Tchaikovsky
In the second half of the 1880s, Sang in Tyutyunnik in the Moscow house of A Chekhov on Yakimanka1
Vaclav Suk devoted his singer to his romance “Silence” op 18 No. 1, 1911
Opera partsreport
1882 - “Don Juan” in A. Mozart - Leporello
1889 - “The Magic Flute” in A. Mozart Papage for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1890 - "The Enchantress" P Tchaikovsky - Mamyrov the first time at the Bolshoi Theater; one of his best parts,
1890 - “Dream on the Volga” And From Arensky - Mizgir the first performer
1891 - “Marta, or Richmond Market” F. Flotova - Lord Tristan
1892 - “Rolla” A Simon - Jester at the court of Senator Costa the first performer
1895 - “Tushintsy” P Blaramberg - Seitov the first performer
1895 - “Dubrovsky” E Napravnika - The chair for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1896 - “Fedul with children” In Martin and Soler and Pashkevich - Fotyasha for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1898 - “Prince Igor” A Borodin - Skula for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1898 - “The night before the Rogue by "Rimsky-Korsakov - Patsyuk for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater and later Panas
1899 -" Putyatishna Fun "M Ivanova - Turukhan first performer
1900 -" Ice House "And Koreshchenko - Zuda first performer
1901 - “The son of the mandarin” Ts Cui - Zai-Sang for the first time in the Bolshoi Theater
1901 - “Boris Godunov” M Mussorgsky, ed. N Rimsky-Korsakov - The bailiff for the first time in the Bolshoi Theater
1904 - “Werther” J. Massenet - Judge for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1905 - “Pan Voivode” N Rimsky-Korsakov - Dziuba for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1909 - “Winter's Tale” By Goldmark - For the first time on the Russian stage, a carton man
“Ruslan and Lyudmila” M Glinka - Farlaf
“Mermaid” And Dargomyzhsky - Miller
“Boris Godunov” M Mussorgsky - Varlaam
“Eugene Onegin” P Tchaikovsky - Zaretsky
“Mazepa” P Tchaikovsky - Orlik
“Cherevichki” P Tchaikovsky - Demon
“The Queen of Spades” P Tchaikovsky - Prince Eletsky and Count Tomsky
“Huguenots” by J. Meyerbeer - Count de Saint-Brie
“Faust” Ãó Gounod - Mephistopheles
“Rigoletto” J. Verdi - Sparafucile - “Demon” A Rubinstein - Prince Goodal
“Maccabees” A Rubinstein - Simei
“Enemy Force” A Sero va - Yeryomka
“Judith” And Serova - Asfanez
“The Snow Maiden” N Rimsky-Korsakov - Bermyat
“May Night” N Rimsky-Korsakov - The Scribe
“Harold” E Guidance - Ordgard
“The Wedding of Figaro” by A. Mozart - Bartolo
“Free Shooter” by M. Weber - Kuno
“Fra Devilo or Hotel in Terracina” D Obera - Giacomo
“Carmen” J. Bizet - Zuniga
“Henry VIII” To Saint-Saens - Earl of Norfolk - “The Barber of Seville” by J. Rossini - Don Bartolo
“William Tell” by J. Rossini - Gesler
“Aida” by J. Verdi - Ramfis
Performances at the Bolshoi Theaterreport
1901 - “Feast during the Plague” Ts Cui first production
1901 - Mozart and Salieri N of Rimsky-Korsakov for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
1901 - “The Son of the Mandarin” C Cui for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater
Teaching work edit
In 1891-1901 he taught at the Synodal School
In 1910-192013 or from the 1890s to 19241 at the Moscow School of Music and Drama V Yu Zograf-Plaksina professor taught classes of solo singing and vocal ensemble
In 1920-1924 - professor at the Moscow Conservatory, dean of the faculty in 1920-1922
Among his students: A S Pirogov, IM Skobtsov, D F Tar khov, VV Tyutyunnik
Compositions edit
Theory and technique of singing 1920-1923, manuscript, location unknown1
Autobiography // Private archive And Lysenko Kiev
Notes edit
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Literature edit
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Тютюнник, Василий Саввич

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