Tikhomirov, Anatoly Mikhailovich

Anatoly Mikhailovich Tikhomirov
Original name
Ukrainian Anatoliy Mikhailovich Tikhomirov Date and Place of Birth February 6, 19471947-02-06 71 years old Bobruisk, BSSR, USSR
Citizenship of the USSR USSR USSR Ukraine
International medals
Anatoly Mikhailovich Tikhomirov born February 6, 1947 in Bobruisk - Soviet and Ukrainian athletics coach hammer throwing, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine 1996
Anatoly Tikhomirov was born on February 6, 1947 in Bobruisk, Belorussian SSR In 1969 he graduated from the Kiev state Institute of Physical Culture Worked as a physical education teacher at Cherkasy school No. 8
Since 1974, he has been a hammer throwing trainer for the sports school for children and youth of the Olympic Games in Cherkasy. He trained two masters of sports of the USSR, five masters of sports of Ukraine, two masters of sports of international class and one Honored Master of Sports Was the coach of the Olympic medalist in Atlanta 1996 Krikun Alexander - hammer throwing, took third place [1] Coaches hammer throwers Natalya Zolotukhina also worked with her mate Victoria and Valeriy Semenkov, a member of the coaching council of the Cherkasy region national athletics team
Awarded the certificate of honor of the executive committee of the Uman city council as “the best in profession” and for services to the city
Hobby - writing poetry
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Anatoly Tikhomirov - dad for sports sports TV Uman

Тихомиров, Анатолий Михайлович

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