Old Drakino

Subject of the Federation
Municipal district
Rural settlement
Coordinates of 53 ° 53′44 ″ from w 43 ° 57′03 ″ In HGJAO
↘4021 people 2010
Time zone
UTC + 3
Zip code
OKATO code
89 229 821 005
89 629 421 121
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Stare Drakino
Saransk and Stare Drakino
Stare Drakino and Sire Draka - village, center of the village administration in Kovylkino district
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7 Russian Orthodox Church
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Title edit
Anthroponym name: from the pre-Christian Mordovian name Drak, or from the mt “ a place"; the definition of the “old” indicates that there is Novoy Drakino
Geography send
Located on Seitme, 30 km from the district center and the Kovylkino railway station
History send
Founded around 1670 by immigrants from Temnikovsky district
In the "List of populated places of the Penza province" 1869 Old Drakino Drakino - the state bureau of 134 yards of the Narovchatsky district
Populationvit ... Population size
According to the data of 1931, there were 364 yards in Stara Drakina 1,882 people
National structure
Mostly Mordva-Moksha
Infrastructure to go to middle school, library, first-aid post, liaison office
Economy to go in. In the early 1930s the Lenin kolkhoz was established, since 1997, the Drakinsky agricultural plant
Russian Orthodox Church

In 1885, the stone Kosmodamian Church was built here
Church in the name of the icon of the Mother of God "It is worthy to eat"
Sights to go to

Barrows are near the village; Keredyoshi spring is a natural monument
People associated with a village directing Staraya Drakino - the birthplace of one of the organizers of the Mordovian press I and Moskovkin, deputy head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Moldova - head of the bailiff AS Petrushin, new martyrs Helena Astashkina, Anastasia Kamaeva, Literature,

Shmyryov N. Kovylkino - Saransk, 1969
Encyclopedia of Mordovia, L Luzgin
Notes to correct
↑ 1 2 3 Population size and distribution of the Republic of Mordovia Results of the All-Russian Population Census 2010 About Faithful January 19, 2015 Archived January 19, 2015

Старое Дракино

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