Mihrimah Sultan

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Mihrimah Sultan
Portrait of Mirimakh painted by Titian around 1555
Name under birth:
Date of birth: March 21, 1522 (1522-03-21)
Place of birth:
Istanbul Country: Ottoman Empire
Date of death : January 25, 1578 (1578-01-25) (55 years old)
Place of death: Istanbul,
Father: Suleiman I, Mother: Mother: Suryan Hurrem
Rustem Pasha
Sons: Sultanzade Khalid, Sultanzade Qasim
Daughter: Ayse Humashah Sultan
Mi Rimah Sultan on Wikimedia Commons
Mihrimakh Sultan (March 21, 1522 - January 25, 1578) is the daughter of the Ottoman sultan Suleiman I and Hurrem Sultan (Roksolany).
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Mihrimah was the only daughter of Suleiman I the Magnificent and his legitimate wife Haseki Hürrem Sultan. She received an excellent education, knew several languages, was intelligent and erudite, was interested in politics and charity. In addition, according to contemporaries, Sultana was beautiful, graceful and graceful, she had long, golden hair. On November 26, 1539, seventeen-year-old Mihrimah Sultan and a thirty-nine-year-old Rustem Pasha were married. The groom was chosen on the advice of Hurrem, the choice was approved by the Sultan - Rustem enjoyed great confidence from Suleiman. After 5 years, Rustem became the Grand Vizier.

Mihrimah Sultan was very influential and rich. She participated in her husband's projects, and also helped her mother in managing the famous Haseki Hürrem Sultan foundation. She was the manager of the sultan's harem from 1558 to 1574. During the reign of her younger brother Selim II was actually Valide-Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. It is also known that it allocated funds for the construction of two mosque complexes (in the Edirnekapy region (Fatih) and the Uskudar district) in Istanbul, bearing its name, which was led by the famous architect of that time, Sinan.
Number and names of children Rustem Pasha and Mihrimah Sultan are little known, literary records on this subject are contradictory. It is known that Mihrimah had a daughter from Rustem Pasha Ayse Humashah Khanym Sultan. Her husbands and children were very rich and occupied powerful posts. The same applies to the grandchildren Ayse Humashah [1].
The nameless son of Rustem Pasha and Mihrimah Sultan rests in a turban next to his father. He died shortly before his father died from an epidemic [2]. Two other unmarked graves located in the Mihrimah mosque in Uskudar are considered the graves of Mirimah and Rustem’s sons.

Mirimakh Sultan died on January 25, 1578, at the age of 56 years [3]. She became the only child of the Sultan who was honored to be buried in Suleiman's turban.
In art
Actress Ozlem Chynar plays Mihrimah in the TV series “Hurrem Sultan”. Actress Pelin plays the role of Mihrimah in the TV series “The Magnificent Age” Karahan.
See. also
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque (Üsküdar)
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque (Edirnekapy)
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