Bertrada de Montfort

Bertrada de Montfort (fr. Bertrade de Montfort; ca. 1070 - 1115/1116 [1], Fontevro) - the daughter of Simon I, seignora de Montfort from the second marriage with Agnes, daughter of Richard, Count d'Evré.
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After the death of her father, who died in 1087, Bertrada was under the tutelage of her uncle (the brother of his mother ), Guillaume, Count d'Evreux, who married her to the old Fulk IV Resolved, Count of Anjou, who divorced his fourth wife because of consanguinity. In return, Fulk promised his help to the Duke of Normandy, Robert Kurtgoes, against the insurgents of the county of Maine. The marriage was concluded in 1089 after the suppression of the uprising in Maine and Bertrada became the fifth wife of Fulk, giving birth to one son, Fulk V, later inheriting his father.
On the night of May 15, 1092 King Philip I of France seduced by the beauty of Bertrada, kidnapped her her husband (apparently with her consent) and soon officially married her, divorcing his previous wife. This marriage, committed in violation of church canons, caused outrage of higher clergy. Bishop Ivo of Chartres, sharply opposed the marriage, resulted in his short-term detention. In 1094, King Philip I convened a council in Reims in order to expel Willow from Chartres. On October 16, 1094, the papal legate Hugo de Deux at Autun, at another cathedral, under his leadership, excommunicated King Philip I from the church. Pope Urban II, who took the side of Ivo of Chartres, confirmed the excommunication from the Church of Clermont in November 1095 King Philip I and Queen Bertrada.
Philip I and Bertrada
The Bishop of Paris Geoffroy of Boulogne died on May 1, 1095. Wanting to end the conflict between the king and the clergy, the Paris clergy chose a new bishop, Guillaume de Montfort, who, on the one hand, was the queen's brother, and on the other, a disciple of Ivo of Chartres. Urban II, however, agreed to approve Guillaume as bishop, on the condition that Philip I leave Bertrada. In 1096, the king of France complied. Bertrada de Montfort was removed, weaning removed. However, the king soon returned Bertrada and continued to live with her, and only in 1104, under pressure from the clergy, he agreed to divorce her. Despite this, Bertrada continued to appear in documents as a queen until the end of his reign. After the death of Philip I in 1108, Bertrada unsuccessfully tried to lead her own son to the French throne, acting against Louis VI, the legitimate heir. Then she retired to Fontevro Abbey, where she died on February 14, 1117
Marriage and children
1st husband (from 1089; divorce May 15, 1092): Fulk IV Reshen (1043 - 14 April 1109), Count of Anjou. Children:
Fulk V Young (1092 - 13 November 1144), Count of Anjou (1109–1129), Maine (1110–1129), King of Jerusalem (from 1131)
2nd husband (from 1092, Paris; a divorce in 1104): Philip I (May 23, 1052 - July 29, 1108), King of France, the marriage was declared illegal, all four children from him were also considered illegal:
Philippe (1094-1123), Count Manta (from 1104) ; wife (from 1104): Elizabeth de Monlerie (died after 1108), daughter of Guy Trussel, senor of Monlerie and Fleuri (Flor) (c. 1095 - after 1119), senor de Ciixi; wife: N. de Naghi
Isabo de Naji (c. 1118 -?); husband (from ca. 1136): Anso de Venissi
Eustache; husband: Jean, earl of d'Etamp and Cecilia (1097 - after 1145); 1st husband: Tancred (died in 1112), prince of Antioch; 2nd husband: Pons of Toulouse (1098–1137), Count of Tripoli
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Бертрада де Монфор

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