Sonic, Franciszek

Roman Catholic Church
September 17, 18851885-09-17
Wawrzyczice, Krakow County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
November 27, 19571957-11-27 72 years old
Kielce, Poland - Adoption of the Holy Dignity:
March 5, 1911
Episcopal ordination:
February 24, 1936
Franciszek Sonic on Wikimedia Commons - Franciszek Sonic Poland Polish Franciszek Sonik, September 17, 1885 of the year, Wawrzyczice, Poland - November 27, 1957, Kielce, Poland - Catholic bishop, auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Kielce from December 16, 1935 to November 27, 1957 - Biography
Having entered into a spiritual Minar in the city of Kielce, Franciszek Sonnik continued his studies at the Imperial Roman Catholic Theological Academy in St. Petersburg, after which he was ordained a priest on March 5, 1911. He served in the diocese of Kielce. He was secretary of Bishop Augustine Losinsky and a teacher at the seminary. rector in the church of St. Wojciech in the city of Kielce
December 16, 1935 Pope Pius XII appointed Franciszek Sonic as auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Kielce and titular bishop of Margum February 24, 1936 held hands the placement of Franciszek Sonic in the bishop, performed by Bishop Kielce Augustine Losinsky, together with the titular bishop of Sikka-Venus and the auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Lodz Kazimierz Tomczak and the titular bishop of Marcopolis and the auxiliary bishop of Riga, Riga on November 27, November 7 br> Links
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Соник, Францишек

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