Somov, Andrey Ivanovich

May 15 (27), 1830 (1830-05-27) - Birth place:
Otrada village, Klinsky uyezd, Moscow province, Russian Empire
Date of death:
May 30 (June 12) 1909 ( 1909-06-12) (79 years old) - Place of death:
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Country: Russia Russian Empire Russian Empire
Scientific field:
art history
Place of work:
The Imperial Academy of Fine Arts
Academic degree:
Alma Mater:
Petersburg University
Known as:
Senior curator of the Imperial Hermitage, art critic and museum figure, teacher
Awards and prizes
Order of St. Anna of the III degree, Order of St. Stanislav, 2nd art., French Order of the Legion of Honor, Order of St. Anne, 2nd art., Commander’s Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph (Austria), Cavalry of the Order of St. Vladimir, 3rd art., Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden), Order of Stanislav I degree, Order of the Red Eagle Class II (Prussia). Small Uvarov Prize of the Academy of Sciences, Uvarov Gold Medal [1],
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Andrei Ivanovich Somov (May 15 (27), 1830, village of Otrada, Klinsky district - May 30 (June 12) 1909, St. Petersburg) - Russian art critic and museum figure [2]. Having worked for 22 years as a senior curator of the Imperial Hermitage, he laid the foundation for a new stage in the history of Russian art history in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. > Biography
Andrei Somov was born in the village of Otrada of the Klinsky district of Moscow province [3] in a large family of pillar nobleman Ivan Iosifovich Somov; was the ninth child (there were 14 children in the family) [4]. In 1839 he was sent from Moscow to Petersburg with a convoy carrying bread (by this time their father had gone bankrupt due to a wasteful lifestyle), in the care of his older brother [5] Osip Ivanovich, where he was identified as a student of the 4th Petersburg (Larinskaya ) gymnasium. Then he studied at the Physics and Mathematics Department of St. Petersburg University [6]. At the end of the university course, in 1854, he taught mathematics in private homes and boarding house G. Emma, in 1855-1859 he taught physics at the Mining Institute, and in 1858-1859 - in the officer classes of the Naval Cadet Corps [6]. In 1859-1862, in the Journal of the Main Directorate of Railways and Public Buildings, his translation into Russian of Galileo's work was published: “Conversations and Evidence Concerning the Laws of Movement”, provided with a preface and notes [7].
Honorary Free Community of the Imperial Academy of Arts with 1871, editor of the Bulletin of Fine Arts. He was a senior curator of the Hermitage (since 1886) and a founding member of the Society of Russian Aqua-Fortresses.
Author, valuable factual information, of the catalogs of the art gallery of the Academy of Arts (t. 1-3, 1872-1886) [8], of the Hermitage (t. 1-3, 1889-1908), works on K.P. Bryullov (Karl Pavlovich Bryullov and its significance in Russian art // “The Bee”, 1876; separate brochure - St. Petersburg, 1899)), P. A. Fedotov ( Pavel Andreevich Fedotov // “The Bee”, 1878)); books - History of Fine Arts: Lectures by prof. A.I. Somova: 1883-84 / Higher. wives courses.
Albert Benoit recalled that the walls of Somov’s apartment “were densely covered with paintings. Most of them were random acquisitions, “opportunities”, and did not have significant value ... however, it really was of exceptional interest to the historian of Russian painting ... It is enough to indicate that Andrei Ivanovich had whole series of drawings and watercolors by Kiprensky, Bryullov and Fedotov. There were also so many of them that the “old man” willingly gave them to people who deserved his favor. ”
Since 1891, he has been an employee in the publication of the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, edited the department of fine arts in it.
Died as a result of an accident - some time after the crew hit the Palace Square near the Hermitage. Buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery in St. Petersburg
Alexander Somov, employee of the Ministry of Finance
Konstantin Somov, artist
Anna Somova-Mikhailova, artist, singer
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Somov, Andrey Ivanovich // Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary: in 86 volumes (82 volumes and 4 additional). - SPb., 1890-1907.

Сомов, Андрей Иванович

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