The Bold (destroyer, 1948)

"Bold" - Soviet destroyer project 30 bis
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Enlisted in the USSR Navy on December 3, 1947 Laid down at the factory No. 190 named after AA Zhdanov, building No. 601 on May 16, 1948, launched on September 29. The ship was received by the fleet on December 21 of the following year on the birthday of Stalin’s 19th. March, 1951, the Soviet naval flag was hoisted on the Smely, at the same time the destroyer joined the Soviet Navy1
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On January 4, 1953, the Perfect was part of the 8th Navy, and on December 24, 1955, due to the disbandment of the 8th Navy, it became part of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet on February 17, 1960, the destroyer was transferred to the Red Banner The Northern Fleet on November 22, 1960, the “Courageous” was withdrawn from the combat crew of the Navy, disarmed and reclassified to the target ship, and from January 31, 1964 the ship was reorganized into a floating ship on February 10, 1965, it was removed from the list of ships of the Navy and in 1965–66 it was divided into metal based on Glavvtorchermet in Murmansk1
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Project 30bis destroyers “Brave”
“Brave” “Vigilant” “Oncoming” “Leading” “Fiery” “Clear” “Important” “Unrestrained” “Persistent” “Sharp” “Violent” “Responsible” “Impeccable” “Quick-tempered” »“ Majestic ”“ Harsh ”“ Fearless ”“ Excellent ”“ Jerky ”“ Nimble ”“ Faithful ”“ Reflecting ”“ Combat ” “Fast” “Angry” “Able” “Vortex” “Stormy” “Ruthless” “Swift” “Merciless” “Joyful” “Illuminated” “Protecting” “Selfless” “Crushing” “Guarding” “Silent” “Cautious” “Prominent ”“ Restless ”“ Faithful ”“ Attentive ”“ Sudden ”“ Expressive ”“ Strong-willed ”“ Fledged ”“ Fearless ”“ Free ”“ Static ”“ Shrewd ”“ Impeccable ”“ Faultless ”“ Watching ”“ Desperate ”“ Dangerous ”“ Dangerous ”“ Permanent "" Responsive "" Perfect "" Serious "" Free "" Smooth "" Vdumch vy "," Solid "," Ardent "" intelligible "," Crouse "" degree "of" bitter »

Смелый (эсминец, 1948)

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