Slovak Ore Mountains

Slovak Ore Mountains [1] (Slovak: Slovenské rudohorie) is a mountainous region in Spissky Slovakia, located east of Zvolen and west of Kosice. From the north it is limited by the rivers Gron and Gornad. The length of the mountains is about 140 km, width - 40 km, area - 4000 km². The highest point is Mount Capital (1477 m).
Slovak Ore Mountains consist of independent mountain ranges:
Spissko-Gemer Karst
Muranska Planina
Slovak Paradise
Volovske Vrhi and Stolice Vrhi ( the highest part of the Rudogorye, 1476 m) - Veporske Vrhi - Revutsk Vrhovina - Slovak Karst
Cierná Hora
Mountains are composed mainly of granites and crystalline schists, karst limestones are found on the periphery. The mid-mountainous relief with individual remnant peaks prevails. On the southern slopes, mainly oak and beech forests, on the northern - coniferous. There are deposits of iron and copper ores, antimony, gold, magnesite.
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Sources - Slovak Ore Mountains - article from the Geographical Encyclopedia.
Slovak Ore Mountains - article from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia ..
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