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I, 100
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This article is about a noble family. For bearers of the surname, see Skornyakov.
Skornyakov - a noble family.
Gavrilo Skornyakov (1694 - under Catherine II) became a life coachman with Elizabeth Petrovna and served not only the mercy of the empress, but also the noble title.
Description coat of arms
In a shield, which has a green field, half of a silver horse with two front legs is depicted, in a red horse-drawn carriage with an occasion tied back and put on a head between a forked ostrich red feather of the same color with a brush. This horse has a mouthpiece, a brush at the occasion and an apple under the brush is gold.
The shield is crowned with a noble helmet, on the surface of which you can see a hand clad in armor with a naked saber. The mark on the shield is red and green, lined with silver. The coat of arms is included in the General Tombstone of the noble families of the Russian Empire, part 1, 2nd division, p. 100.
RGADA, f.286, op.2, d.1-b
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