Electronic payment system

An electronic payment system, or electronic payment system, is a system of payments between financial organizations, business organizations and Internet users when buying and selling goods and for various services via the Internet. Such systems are electronic versions of traditional payment systems and are divided into payment schemes :
debit working with electronic checks and digital cash;
credit working with credit cards
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Processing of payment cards
Online credit systems are analogous to conventional systems working with credit and debit cards consists in conducting all transactions over the Internet. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between virtual debit cards issued by some banks and real credit and debit cards. Prepaid virtual debit cards are a complete analogue of a regular MasterCard, Visa or a similar card that is accepted on the Internet. The difference is that the card is not printed in plastic. The owner is informed of all the payment details of such a card and, from the point of view of an outside observer, payment is made from a regular plastic card. It is easier to buy such a card, since such a card is issued without verifying the identity of the holder. On the other hand , such cards, as a rule, do not provide for the possibility of replenishment of the account
There are several types of fraud that can be carried out only using electronic payment systems and related media and them:
Magic wallet
Magic wallet investment wallet - an account supposedly existing in the electronic payment system, which has the following property: if you send a certain amount to it, the sender will be refunded more than the amount he sent Most often it says about doubling the payment. Proposals to get rich in this way are distributed via the Internet. A fraudster opens an electronic wallet account in a payment system and distributes information that the wallet is magic. The purpose of the fraudster is to appropriate funds, transferred to this wallet [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Another variant of fraud is tricking a magic wallet A fraudster acts as a victim who lost money while trying to get rich at the expense of a magic wallet Allegedly, he found out that this the account is not magic, but if you send an amount less than a certain amount to it, then the money will be returned It is alleged that this was done so that potential victims believe in the possibility of earning with this account, starting with a small amount and making sure that the money is returned Actually a scammer being owned the account, assigns all the money transferred to him without returning anything [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Earnings on the currency exchange
Earnings on the currency exchange is such a sequence of operations of exchanging one electronic currency to another, in which the final amount is larger than the initial In reality this does not happen, because all currency exchangers, both electronic and conventional, buy the currency at a price lower than the one at which they sell it If you exchange currency X to Y, and then back , you get the amount less than the original. In different exchangers, the rate is about one kov, therefore, transferring money from one to another it is impossible to get profit Fraudulent offers, however, argue that there is a way to exchange currency at an extremely favorable rate The offer indicates electronic currency exchangers, one of which is fake It explains how to exchange and transfer currency from one exchanger to another so that in the end there will be more money. When a victim transfers money to a fake exchanger, the fraudster appropriates it. Signs of a fake exchanger:
The site consists of one page
Primitive website design
The site is located on a free domain
The purchase price of a currency is greater than or equal to the sale price
The exchange rate is significantly different from the market
For transactions you need to send an SMS message
The exchanger is known as a fake one in special black lists
The exchanger is not known as reliable [6] [7] [8] [9]
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