Beast heart

Hertha Muller
Source language: German, German First published date:
Rowohlt Verlag [d] and Henry Holt and Company [d]
“Heart-beast” - (German by Herztier) novel of 2009 Nobel Prize winner in literature Hertha Müller (German by Herta Müller), published in 1994.
The novel tells about a group of young people ( Edgar, Georg, Kurt and the storyteller), whose friendship was destroyed by the destructive influence of the totalitarian society of Ceausescu's time (Romania, the 1980s). The novel is autobiographical in nature.
The Heart-Beast novel was first published by Rowohlt Verlag and was nominated for the German Kleist-Preis Prize in 1994 and one of the most prestigious literary awards in the world, the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award ( Dublin Literary Prize) in 1998.
Translation into Russian
Heart-beast / Translation from German by G.V. Snezhinsky. SPb .: Amphora, 2010. - 255 pp.
Review of the Russian edition (
Summary of the novel and review of the German edition (German)
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