Serbs, Isaac Abramovich

May 13 (27), 1871 (1871-05-27)
Place of birth:
der. Kulshichi, Propoisky volost, Bykhov uyezd, Mogilev province, Russian Empire
Date of death:
January 21, 1943 (1943-01-21) (71 years old)
USSR, USSR, Scientific area:
ethnography, archeology, folklore science
Academic degree:
candidate of historical sciences
Alma Mater:
Moscow Archaeological Institute
Known as:
"discoverer" of Belarusians-Sakunov
Isaak Abramovich Serbov on Wikimedia Commons - Isaac Abramovich Serbov (Belorussian Isak Abramavich Serb¢; May 27, 1871, village of Kulshichi, Mogilev province - January 21, 1943) - Russian and owl sky ethnographer, folklorist and an archaeologist. Full member of the Institute of Belarusian Culture (1922).
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2 Scientific activity
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Born in the village of Kulshichi, Mogilev province (now Slavgorodsky district of the Mogilev region). In 1892 he graduated from the Polotsk teacher seminary. He worked as a teacher in Vilnius, Minsk, Gomel, Troki, Columns, Khotimsk. In 1910-1913, as a member of the Northwest Department of the Russian Geographical Society, he organized ethnographic expeditions to Belarus to study the artistic, musical, song, literary creation and material culture of the Belarusian people. In 1918 he graduated from the Moscow Archaeological Institute. In 1919-1921 he worked in the departments of public education of the Mogilev and Gomel provinces, headed the collection and protection of historical and art monuments. Since 1923, he worked as a teacher, head of the department of ethnography of the Belarusian State University, since 1925, scientific secretary of the section of ethnography Inbelkult. In the second half of the 1920s, he studied the barrows of the Dregoviches near Minsk and Mozyr. Since 1929, scientific secretary of the Department of Ethnography and Folklore of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. Since 1934 - candidate of historical sciences. During World War II he taught at the Tambov Pedagogical Institute.
Scientific activity
Studied life, material culture, oral poetic and musical creativity of Belarusians. He collected rich collections of folk clothes and art, on the basis of which in 1951 he released the album "Belarusian Folk Art" (Belarusian. "Belarusian Folk Art"). The first among Belarusian ethnographers to collect a large photo library, which recorded the types of clothing of residents of different parts of Polesie, housing, outbuildings, craft products. The collected ethnographic materials and observations were summarized in the works “The Village of the Great; Drawings from the life of Belarus ”(1910),“ Trips through the Polesie 1911 and 1912 ”(1914),“ Belarusians-Sakuns ”(1915).
Serbs I. A. Belarusians-Sakuns. A brief ethnographic essay. - Pg., 1915.
Serbov I.A. Trips around Polesie 1911 and 1912. - Vilna, 1914.
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Сербов, Исаак Абрамович

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