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Saransk district - the administrative-territorial unit of the Penza province, which existed in the years 1780-1928 County town - Saransk - Content - 1 Geographical location - 2 History - 3 Population - 4 Administrative division
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Geographical location edit
The county was located in the north of the Penza province, bordering the Nizhny Novgorod and Simbirsk provinces. The county's area in 1897 was 2,947.71 verst² 3,355 km², in 1926 - 4,542 km²
Saransk Uyezd - formed in 1651; its territory was divided into 3 camps: the eastern part, along the borderline to the border of Alatyr district, was occupied by the Zainssarsky camp, the southern - Zavalny camp, the northern and north-western - Rudninsky camp - from 1708, the Saransk district became part of the Azov province
from 1719 - as part of the Kazan province - from 1780 became part of the Penza governorship - from 1797 transferred to the Simbirsk province - since 1801 as part of the Penza province as a result of the reform of Catherine the Great
In 1918 Ruzayevsky Uyezd was allocated from a part of the county in March 1925. Ruzayevsky, Sa Ransky and Insarsky counties were united under the name Ruzayevsky district, in May the district was renamed Saransky district, and in September Ruzayevsky district was again allocated as an independent unit. In 1928, the Saransky district was abolished, on its territory the Saransky district of the Mordovian district of the Middle Volga region was formed
Population edit
According to the 1897 census, 143 1301 people lived in the county, including Russians - 74.1%, Mordovians - 17.9%, Tatars - 7.9% In Saransk, 14 584 people lived
According to the results 1926 All-Union Census of the population of the county amounted to 251,287 2, of which the city of Saransk - 15,431 people - Administrative divisionsedit
In 1913 there were 29 volosts in the county3:

Bolshe-Remzenskaya, Bulgakovskaya, price, Beloklyuchevskaya, Voevodskaya, price, Yeremeyevskaya, Zykovskaya, price, Kochkurovskaya, Krivozerskaya,

Lambirskaya, Makarovskaya, Mokshaleevskaya, Nerleyskaya, Protasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Pyatinskaya, Romodanovskaya, Salminskaya,
Salovskaya, Russia, Saransk, Skryabinskaya, Russia, Staro-Turdaksk ,
Notes edit
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Links // Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary: 86 tons 82 tons and 4 additional - St. Petersburg, 1890-1907 - Old maps of the Saransk district | Counties of the Penza province
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