Rawalyak, Francois

school teacher, regicide
Date of birth:
1578 (1578)
Place of birth:
Date of death:
May 27, 1610 (1610-05-27 ) - Place of death:
Paris - Francois Ravalliac on Wikimedia Commons - Francois Ravalliac (fr. François Ravaillac; 1578 (1578) - May 27, 1610, Paris) - assassin of the king of France Henry IV.
A school teacher from Angouleme tried unsuccessfully to join the Catholic Order of the Felians, then the Jesuits. In 1609, he said, he had a vision, after which Ravalyak decided that his mission was to convince the king to convert the Huguenots to Catholicism. King Henry was originally a Huguenot, but converted to Catholicism to receive the crown of France, while guaranteeing freedom of religion to the Protestants by the Nantes Edict. The violent treatment of the Huguenots is not believed to have been his goal. Ravalyak regarded the entry of French troops into the Netherlands as a declaration of war on the papacy and decided to kill the king for this.
Jumping on the bandwagon of the royal carriage, stopping in the thicket on Paris street, he struck two in the chest with a dagger and killed the king on May 14, 1610 in the presence of Monsieur de Monbazone and the Duke of d'Epernon. Even under torture, Ravalyak did not betray accomplices. He was quartered with the help of horses on Grevskaya Square, but the crowd did not allow the execution to be completed, tearing the body of Ravalyak to pieces.
Some historians see him as a lone fanatic, possibly insane, others as an agent of the papacy or some European power.
After the execution of Ravalyak, his parents were expelled from the country, and all other relatives were ordered to change their surname. The name Ravalyak became a household name for the regicide.
Marble plaque at the site of the assassination of Henry IV at the rue de Feronry in Paris
The assassination of Henry IV
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Vitry, Nicolas de l'Hospital - Literature - History of France. - T. 1. - M., 1972.

Равальяк, Франсуа

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