Producer (from the English. Producer - manufacturer, commodity producer, manufacturer) - a specialist who is directly involved in the production of the project, regulates (or helps regulate) financial, administrative, technological, creative or legal aspects of the activity, regulates the policy when performing any project .
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Producer system in film production in the first decade of the 20th century in Hollywood, when the formation of film companies naturally led to the need to single out the person who is in charge of the overall production of the film at all its stages, endowed with the broadest powers in relation to technical, financial and artistic issues and bearing personal responsibility for the success of the project .
Types and features
By field of activity distinguish:
Theater producer, organizing and financing theatrical production.
Music a producer who is in charge of the process of creating musical products (a single album or all the products of a particular artist or group). Game producer in the computer games industry. Film producer or TV producer in the field of creating a film or TV project.
Close by name, but essentially different in essence, the notion of sound producer (sound producer) - the person who manages the process of recording and subsequent processing of an audio product; its function does not imply interference in financial and corporate issues.
Producers in television and cinema
The concept of "TV producer" / "film producer" is divided into several categories, which include the following responsibilities:
Producer - creates the conditions for creating a movie (television series, television shows) and implements it from the beginning to the final result. The producer finds the idea (literary basis) of the future film (TV) project, finances, co-finances or finds investors (sponsors, sponsors) for the project, forms the main part of the film crew, participates in the production (implementation) of the project at all its stages - the period of film writing - and / or the director's script, the preparatory period, the shooting period, the editing and toning period (the so-called post-production), the liquidation of cases, the distribution (promotion of the finished film (television series, television program) to the final customer (film distributors, TV channels, DVD shops).
In commercial projects, where the main task is to make a profit, the producer is usually the main person, as he is responsible for returning the investment in the project, its advertising and distribution of money. Even venerable directors are forced to obey his dictatorship. In "festival" projects the producer is forced to trust the production director.
Producers can be representatives of the largest studios based on private capital. In countries with public funding, the name “producer”, attributed to picture directors and administrators, contradicts the meaning of this word (see “Executive Producer”).
Executive Producer - in large projects, this is usually a representative or one of the studio managers, although the title may assign and just a large investor. Supervises the financial, administrative and creative aspects of production, but does not participate in the technical. In small companies or independent projects, the executive producer may be the creator / screenwriter. The co-producer is the producer who reports to the executive producer and provides money to finance the film. Involved in daily production more than just a producer.
Associate producer - usually plays the role of a representative of a producer who may be responsible for a part of his financial, creative or administrative functions. The title is often given to a person who is experienced as a filmmaker who acts as a consultant or someone who has made a large financial or creative contribution to the project. Assistant producer - usually works under the control of an associate producer. and daily production.
Administrative producer - reports to the Board of Directors and hires freelancers for various stages of production.
Creative producer - responsible for the creative component of the project êòà: selection of a creative team (director, artist, screenwriter, cameraman, composer, etc.), artistic project management. [1]
Web-producer or Web-site producer - creates conditions and implements the idea of creating a web application or website.
Information producer (media) - the person responsible for filling the information content of the program.
Differences from the director
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Concepts producer on the director are different in that the director is solely responsible for the creative, artistic part of the project, while the producer is involved, mainly financial and organizational issues. In addition, under the ideal scheme, the producer is the main person responsible for the success of the entire project. Therefore, to put it in modern language, it is the producer who delivers the project, which is called “turnkey”.
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