Pripyat Polesie

Pripyat Polesie (Belorussian. Prypyatske Palesse) is a physical and geographical area of Belarusian Polesie, in the south of Belarus, in the eastern part of Brest, western part of Gomel, in the south of Minsk and in the extreme south-west of the Mogilev regions. The length from west to east is from 175 to 280 km, from north to south from 83 to 140 km. Height 127-140 m, maximum 174 m (west of the town of Logishin, Pinsk region).
This area is characterized by high boggy areas, poor development of the territory, good preservation of natural complexes.
The lowland is a system of alluvial, floodplain, lacustrine-alluvial plains with areas of water-glacial and moraine plains heavily denudated by marginal glacial hills and ridges. The presence of large peaty bog massifs and residual lakes is characteristic.
The soil is variegated and mosaic (sod-podzolic, peat-bog, sod boggy, floodplain and others).
In the postglacial period, Pripyat Polesye was a huge water basin filled melt glacial waters, which later became known as the Polesskoe Sea. On medieval maps, these places were designated as the Herodotov Sea, because the ancient Greek historian mentioned impassable woodlands of the swamp in his works.
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Physical-geographical zoning of Belarus
According to V. A. Dementyev, 1977
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