Portugueses - Population and range - Total: 31.2 million [1]
Portugal Portugal - 10.2 million - Brazil Brazil - 5 million people [2]
USA USA - 1 471 549 people
France France - 798 837 people - Venezuela Venezuela - ~ 400 thousand people
[3] United Kingdom United Kingdom - 500 thousand people
Canada Canada - 500 thousand people [4]
South Africa South Africa - 300 thousand people - Switzerland Switzerland - 193.299 people [5]
Germany Germany - 114.552 [6] people
Spain Spain - 126 651 people
Australia Australia - 56 thousand people
Luxembourg Luxembourg - 54.49 thousand people - Mozambique Mozambique - 54 355 people - Guyana Guyana - 50 thousand people - Bel ia Belgium - 38 thousand people - Angola Angola - 30 thousand people [7] - Ireland Ireland - 1520 [8]
Language - Portuguese, Miranda - Religion - Catholicism
Racial type - Caucasoid race - Related peoples
Roman peoples
Origin - Ibero-Romans, Visigoths - Portuguese (port. portugueses) - people in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, indigenous population Portugal.
1 Ethnogenesis
2 Language and culture
3 Resettlement
3.1 In Europe
3.2 In the former colonies of the 20th century
3.3 In other parts of the world
4 Notes - Ethnogenesis - C anthropological point of view, the modern Portuguese belong to the Iberian (zapadnosredizemnomorskoy) group populations. The main component in the ethnogenesis of the Portuguese was the Celtiberian tribes, Romanized in the first centuries of our era. Also in the 5th-6th centuries, a Germanic substrate (Visigoth and Suev tribes) was added to the Celtiberian basis, and after the end of the centuries-old struggle with the Moors that came to the peninsula in the 7th century, the Moors — descendants of the Berber-speaking population of the Atlas Mountains — were partially assimilated and partially expelled. A large number of Sephardic Jews assimilated with the local population until the 15th century.
Language and culture
Portuguese in national costume
The main language of the Portuguese is Portuguese. A small minority speaks Miranda. The vast majority of Portuguese are Catholics.
Wikipedia has an article on Portuguese fado music style.
In Europe
Portuguese make up 99% of the Portuguese population. As migrant workers, many Portuguese emigrated to other European countries. In France alone, about 600 thousand Portuguese live. In addition to it, other countries with a significant Portuguese population are Andorra (11%), Belgium, Great Britain, Luxembourg (15%), Switzerland and Spain. 170,000 Portuguese live in Germany. In particular, in the postwar period, the Portuguese Armando Rodrigues de Sa became a millionth guest worker who entered Germany, for which he was handed a moped as a gift. [9].
In the former colonies of the 20th century
The emigration of the Portuguese also occurred in the former Portuguese colonies. 30 thousand Portuguese live in Angola, 100 thousand are mulattos. The Portuguese are present in Goa (India), Guinea-Bissau, on the islands of Cape Verde, Macau, Mozambique, Timor Leste, Sao Tome and Principe.
In other parts of the world
In the former colony of Brazil, the Portuguese mixed with others Europeans, Indians and Africans. At 35 million Brazilians, at least one grandfather or grandmother is an ethnic Portuguese. In Canada, about half a million people have Portuguese roots. About 1.5 million people in the United States, representing the largest Portuguese community after Brazil.
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