Petrunkevich, Alexander Ivanovich

December 12, 18751875-12-12
Place of birth:
Pliski, Chernihiv province, Russian Empire now Borznyansky district, Chernihiv region
Date of death:
March 10, 19641964-03-10 88 years
Place of death: New Haven, United States of America Country: United States, Russian Empire, United States of America Science: Arachnology
Alexander Ivanovich Petrunkevich Eng. Alexander Petrunkevitch; December 12, 1875, Pliski, Bereznyansky district, Chernihiv province - March 10, 1964, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Russian-American zoologist - Contents - 1 Biography
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Biography edit
Second son of a liberal politician Ivan Ilyich Petrunkevich In 1894 he entered Moscow University. Being revolutionary, he was forced to go to Germany, where he continued his education at the University of Freiburg under the leadership of August Weisman
In 1900 he received a degree in private doc at the University of Freiburg In 1901, published a dissertation on cytology and development of honeybee eggs. While studying in Germany, Petrunkevich married American Wanda Hartshorn Wanda Hartshorn and moved to the USA in 1903, where he was a guest professor in Indiana in 1905-1906. University In 1906 he traveled to Russia to see his father
In 1910 he was invited to Yale University, where he worked for 34 years before retiring in 1944
Petrunkevich was negative about Bolshevism in the 1920s years opposed diplomatically recognition of the USSR
In 1954 he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
Specialist in arachnology
Petrunkevich was also passionate about poetry He published a translation of Byron's poem “Manfred” 1898, as well as two books of his poetic works under the pseudonym Alexander Jan-Ruban - “Songs of Love and Sorrow” 1899, “Thoughts and Impressions” 1900 Together with his wife Wanda, he translated “The Word of Igor’s Regiment” into English1, and to the celebrations dedicated to the centenary of Pushkin’s death in 1937 - some poems of Pushkin
Compositions edit
Morphology of invertebrate type s 1916 eng - The Russian revolution 1918 eng - The freedom of the will; a study in materialism 1905 English - Literaturereport
Unforgettable graves: Russian foreign countries: obituaries 1917-1997: 6 tons / Russian state base Separate Russian foreign countries; Sost V N Chumakov - M: Pashkov Dom, 2004 - T 5: N — P - S 437—438 - 638 s - 1000 copies - ISBN 5-7510-0298-9 t 5
Petrov V Russians in America of the 20th Century Washington, 1992 pp. 58–59;
Anonymous Prof Alexander Petrunkevich, Authority on Spiders Dies at 88 // The New York Times 1964 March 10;
Wilson Donald D Venerated Arachnologist // Yale Alumni Magazine 1948 June Vol 9 P 9
Links edit
Alexander Petrunkevitch English - Alexander Petrunkevitch 1875-1964 English
Notes edit
↑ The Lay of the War-ride of Igor, "Poet Lore, XXX Boston, 1919

Петрункевич, Александр Иванович

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