Jan Dombrowski Park (Poznan)

Park of Jan Dombrowski (Polish: Park Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego) is a park located in the old town of Poznan, Poland. The park is limited by Ogrodova Street in the north, Rataichak Street in the west, Pulveyskaya Street at sunrise and the building of the old brewery in the south. The park is named after the Polish general Jan Dombrowski.
The park was broken up during the interwar period on the territory of the former Calvinist and Lutheran cemetery.
In 1832, representatives of the religious movement of the Czech brothers bought a piece of land in Poznan on which the estate was located famous Mychilsky family. At this site was also a winery. The Czech brothers arranged a cemetery on this site, which later became the property of the nearby Lutheran parish of St. Peter.
Since 1936 no burial was made at the cemetery. In 1936, the regional nature conservation committee transformed the cemetery into a nature reserve.
In 1945, the cemetery suffered significant destruction during the fighting. Not far from the cemetery was the House of the Soldier, which was the headquarters of the Gestapo. During fierce battles for the capture of the Gestapo headquarters, most of the tombstones and large trees in the cemetery were affected. The undergrowth was completely destroyed and the rare species of snails that lived here were killed. Only a few small chestnuts, poplars, lindens and ash trees survived. The Mychilsky estate was also almost completely destroyed.
In the post-war period, the cemetery was converted into a park called the Liberation Park. After the 1990s, the park was renamed in honor of the Polish general Jan Henryk Dombrowski.

Currently, the park covers an area of 4 hectares. There are plans to deepen the pond.
In the north-eastern part of the park there is a sculptural composition Non-Monument and the Methodist Church of the Holy Cross.
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Парк Яна Домбровского (Познань)

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