The promise (film, 2007)

drama and melodrama
Mike Tuviera Anglo-Russian
José Marie Abacán
Annette Ghoson-Abrogar
Lily Montevedre Anglo-Russian
Rosella Montevedre-Theo
Emily Bronte
Raquel Villavicencio
Richard Gutierrez English | Angela Loxin
Marissa Floyrendo - Composer - Arnold Buena - Allan Feliciano - Film Company - Regal Entertainment - GMA Films - Duration: 113 min - Country: Philippines Philippines
Language - English
ID 0949503
The Promise The Promise, Tagalog Ang Pangako - Filipino film adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights novel, completed in 2007
More specifically, this film is based on another film called Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit, which in turn is based on Wuthering Heights »The main roles were played by young Filipino stars - Richard Gutierrez and Angela Loxin - Content
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Plotpost - An old man walking along a sunny beach His grandchildren run up to him and ask about a lighthouse located on the seashore Grandfather begins to tell his grandchildren the story of two lovers connected with this lighthouse Little girl Andrea and her older brother Jason live in a poor family. Their parents work on a sugar plantation of a wealthy family named De Vera Once Andrea discovers a dirty boy’s father in a car , who is hiding there. She calls for the help of her father and brother. Seeing a ragged boy, the father of Andrea and Jason decides to adopt him and raise him as his own child. They called Daniel Jason immediately disliked he’s trying to poison his life in the family in every possible way. But the father protects his new son, and then Jason runs away from home. Little Andrea fell in love with his stepbrother and spends all his time growing up. They fall in love for real and always promise each other to be together They spend a lot of time on the old lighthouse - Once their father and mother die in a car accident After this incident, the “prodigal son" Jason returns home, threatening Daniel with a gun, he drives him out of the hut and forbids the lovers to see him. then Andrea meets Anton, the son of the owner of a wealthy family, for whom her parents worked. He falls in love with a beautiful girl and invites them to stay at their house after she was accidentally bitten by the owner's dog Andrea begins to communicate with a wealthy, refined society - Anton’s younger sister, Monique, doesn’t miss her soul in her new friend Andrea seems to have completely forgotten her faithful friend and love, Daniel Daniel is looking for a meeting with her and snatches her promise to meet at the lighthouse. There they again swear to always be together, engaged love, and Daniel gives her a medallion with their photos
Angela Loxin, performer of the role of Andrea
However, when Andrea returns home after meeting with Daniel, she sees her brother Thoth tells his sister that he made a deal with Anton, which will be held only if Andrea marries Anton, Andrea refuses, because he doesn’t love him, and then the brother promises to kill his sister if she “betrays” him. So frightened, Andrea ignores Daniel and marries the unloved Anton Three years pass and Daniel returns - t now he’s a successful, handsome and well-groomed young man. He flirts with Anton’s younger sister, Monique, who has been in love with Daniel since childhood. He makes a proposal to Monique in front of a shocked Andrea.
This event undermines the health of fragile Andrea. She has an ectopic pregnancy complicated by infection. Since Anton is barren, he understands that the child’s father is Daniel. He locks his wife in the room and beats him, calling her a whore Monique with a maid, eavesdrops on their cries under the door and calls for help. Daniel runs in and knocks the door out. gives birth to her beloved lying on the floor and bloodied in the abdomen and hips. He takes her in his arms and carries him to the beach. They swear to each other eternal love and Andrea dies in Daniel’s arms. Daniel lived a long life, keeping in his heart the memory of his beloved
At the end of the film, they show the old man that Daniel became, he stands on a lighthouse and says that he and Andrea will be together soon, in heaven. In his hands is the medallion that he once presented to Andrea ... On the beach in the sparkles of sea water, in white robes run two figures - these are young Daniel and Andrea - star chat their happy laugh and tender melody ...
Casting an Actor - Actor - Role - Richard Gutierrez English - Daniel Heathcliff Daniel Heathcliff - Angela Loxin
Andrea Catherine Earnshaw Andrea Katherine Earnshaw
TJ Trinidad English - Anton Edgar Linton Anton Edgar Linton
Ryan Ramos English - Monique Isabella Linton Monique Isabella Linton
Ryan Eigenmann English - Jason Hindley Earnshaw Jason Hindley Earnshaw
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Filmed by Philippine companies Regal Films and GMA Films, dubbed in English, Filipino and Tagalog yyk
Awards and nominationsadjust
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Star Awards for Movies 2008
Best operator of the year
Marissa Floyrendo
Film Academy of the Philippines 2008
Best Cinematography
Marissa Floyrendo
Best Sound
Junel Valencia, Ditoy Aguila

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