Bulk floor

Self-leveling industrial floor - a type of floor screed using so-called self-leveling mixtures A feature of the self-leveling floor is the minimum possible thickness - 3.5 mm. There are at least two types of self-leveling floors:
the final flooring, which is subsequently the flooring,
a also a quick-hardening screed on a cement or gypsum base, used in the preparation of the coating for the subsequent installation of flooring on it: piece parquet, parquet board, linoleum, tile, etc.
When using of the correct technology, the poured floor must independently level to a perfectly horizontal plane
1 Compound self-leveling floor formation technology
2 Floor leveling technology
21 Base preparation
22 Mortar preparation
23 Work
3 places of application
4 See also
Compounding bulk forming technology edit code
Priming of a concrete base - polyurethane or epoxy primer;
Grounding device in case of anti-static coating;
Coating 2 layers - polyurethane enamel or epoxy;
Reinforcement filling with quartz sand of various fractions or decoration;
Application of the front layer - polyurethane enamel or epoxy compound
Leveling technology straighten | edit code
There are several types of self-leveling floors: on the basis of gypsum, cement or a polymeric epoxy or polyurethane binder. Epoxy or polyurethane floors are used mainly in administrative, commercial or industrial premises; in residential premises, self-leveling floors based on gypsum or cement are often used. for subsequent finishing with parquet, laminate, linoleum, ceramic tiles, etc. Bulk floor is selected depending on the type of room dry or wet and the required thickness of the leveling. tvuyut thin- and thick-leveling floors flooring Some manufacturers allow to align in a wide range of thickness
Preparation osnovaniyapravit | edit code
All cement, gypsum and anhydrite substrates with a surface strength of at least 150 kg per square cm are suitable for laying. The surface must be free from dust, oil stains, glue and other substances that weaken the adhesion of the mixture to the base. Seams, joints and cracks should be primed On the base, it is imperative to apply a primer evenly and dry for 1-3 hours. It is recommended to fix the damping tape along the perimeter of the room along the walls, as well as around columns and other protruding elements and niches. they install the beacons, fixing them at the right level. The correct installation of the beacons is checked by level or level.
Solution preparation edit | edit code
One standard 25 kg bag of dry mixture is poured into a container containing 5-6 liters of pure cold water and then mixed with an electric mixer or by hand for 3-5 minutes until a homogeneous fluid mass without lumps is left, which is then left for 3 -5 minutes, after which it is mixed again for 2 minutes Attention: an excess of water can lower the strength and cause delamination of the mixture
Work edit code
Using a pump or manually, evenly distribute the solution on the surface. If necessary, level it with a rule or T-rail. To remove air bubbles, it is recommended to pass the surface with a needle roller immediately after pouring each portion of the mortar. When installing the screeds on the separation layer, also on weak substrates, the thickness of the mixture should not be less than 30 mm. During the hardening period, drafts and direct sunlight should be avoided. You can walk on the surface through several hours, depending on the type of the bulk floor and, therefore, the speed of complete solidification. Subsequent coatings from wood parquet board, piece parquet, plywood, etc. are recommended to be laid no earlier than 7 days later, depending on the drying conditions and the thickness of the bulk floor layer. manufacturer of flooring, comparing the moisture content of the base with tolerances in size Ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, etc. are recommended to be laid no earlier than 3 days after pouring floor ki
Application areas edit code
The list of places of application is very wide: from apartments and offices, to specialized plants with extreme coating loads. Depending on the application conditions, specialized polymer coatings and related materials are selected
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