Nagata, Masayoshi

February 9, 19271927-02-09
Place of birth: Obu
Date of death: August 27, 2008 2008-08-27 81 years old Place of death: Kyoto, Kansai, Japan
Country: Japan,
Scientific field: Mathematics,
Place of work: Kyoto University, Alma Mater: Nagoya University, Scientific adviser:
Tadashi Nakayama
Famous students:
Shigefumi Mori
Awards and Prizes:
Japan Academy of Sciences Prize 1986
Masayoshi Nagata yap 永田 雅 宜, February 9, 1927 - August 27, 2008 - Japanese mathematician, specialist on commutative algebra and algebraic geometry In 1958 he presented a count an example of the assertion of the fourteenth problem of Hilbert
Nagata was born in 1927, in 1947 he entered Nagoya University, where he was a student of Tadashi Nakayama. In 1950 he graduated from the University and for some time worked as an assistant and lecturer at Nagoya University, and then moved to Kyoto University , in 1963, having received the post of professor, and remained in this position until his retirement in 19901
Nagata is best known as the author of key counterexamples: an example of a linear algebraic group whose invariant algebra is not one-born negatively solving Hilbert's 14th problem2, an example of a complete en algebraic variety that cannot be embedded in a projective space3, an example of an infinite-dimensional Noetherian ring4 and others Nagata's compactification theorem en states that any algebraic variety can be embedded in a full variety rings of polynomials in three variables that cannot be represented as a composition of “elementary” automorphism such automorphisms are called “wild” In 2003, Shestakov and Umirbaev proved that the example proposed by Nagata is indeed a wild automorphism5
In 1975-1978, Nagata was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union, in 1979-1982 - Vice-President of the Union6 In 1986 awarded the Japanese Academy Award
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Favorite works edit
Nagata, Masayoshi Local rings - New York-London : Interscience Publishers, 1962 - Interscience Tracts in Pure and Applied Mathematics
Nagata, Masayoshi On the imbeddings of abstr act surfaces in projective varieties // Mem Coll Sci Univ Kyoto Ser A Math - 1957 - No. 30 - C 231–235 MR: 0094358
Nagata, Masayoshi On the fourteenth problem of Hilbert English // Proc Internat Congress Math, Cambridge University Press - 1958 - P 459–462
See also edit
Nagataen Ring
Notes edit
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John J. O'Connor and Edmund F Robertson Nagata, Masayoshi eng - biography in the MacTutor archive

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Нагата, Масаёси

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