My pedigree (TV show)

cognitive - Production - AVK "Production", "PAN-ARS Cinema"
Presenter (s)
Yana Churikova - Production Country - Russia Russia
Producer (s)
Afanasyeva E.I., Mikhail Krikunenko
Channel (s)
Channel One
Broadcast period: from 18.10.2009 to 02/12/2011 - Repeat shows - Belarus [1] - Timeline
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My pedigree is a cycle of weekly television programs on Channel One that tell about individual fates that form the basis of genealogical their wood of well-known domestic contemporaries who have become heroes issues. The program promotes the value of knowledge about the history of your family and clearly illustrates the individual stages of genealogical searches.
It is an analogue of the British project Family Pedigree (Who Do You Think You Are?), Successfully imported to many countries.
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About the TV program
The TV program introduces viewers to the story and destinies representatives of surnames intertwined in the family trees of the heroes of the issues - the most famous Russian idents contemporaries. Program participants are directly involved in genealogical searches, which happens behind the scenes, reading the author’s text, commented on the presenter Yana Churikova [2]. During the program, genealogy experts share practical advice on how to deal with various difficult situations.
The television program is part of the more general multimedia project of Channel One - My Pedigree, which was supposed to be a portal replenished by the users themselves [3 ], similar to the search project of Channel One “Wait for me.”
The program was shot in Rostov-on-Don [4], Kazan [5], Astrakhan [6], Odessa, Ryazan [7], Smolensk [8], Atkarsk [9] and in other cities.
TV shows
First issues of the program mma - Issue - Air - Heroes of the program
February 12, 2011 by Valeria (singer)
February 5, 2011 by Leonid Parfyonov
January 29, 2011
Actress Larisa Luzhina
January 22, 2011
Sportswoman Maria Kiseleva
January 15, 2011
Singer Alena Sviridova
November 20, 2010
Athlete Nikolai Valuev
September 19, 2010
Composer Viktor Rybin on September 13, 2010
Musician Igor Butman
September 5, 2010
Actor Oleg Basilashvili
August 7, 2010
Writer Daria Dontsova
July 17, 2010
Evgeny Grishkovets

July 10, 2010
Julia Kovalchuk
June 5, 2010
TV host Kirill Nabutov

May 29, 2010
Actresses Olga Arntgolts and Tatyana Arntgolts
26 May 22, 2010
Fashion Designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev
May 15, 2010
Actor Aleksey Buldakov
May 2, 2010
Artist Emanuel Vitorgan
23rd of April, 24th, 2010
Figure skater and coach Alexander Zhulin on 22nd of April 17th of 2010
Television presenter Pyotr Tolstoy
21st of April 9th, 2010
TV presenter Elena Proklova
Film actor, People's Artist of Russia Sergei Shakurov
Figure skater, three-time Olympic champion pioneer Irina Rodnina, March 18, 03/20/2010
Television presenter and actor Sergei Svetlakov, March 17, 13.03.2010
Poet, musician, television presenter Andrei Makarevich on 16/07/03. 2010 - Actress, People's Artist of Russia Lyudmila Maksakova
Television presenter, director and actor Alexander Gordon
Actress and television presenter, Honored Artist Russia Maria Shukshina
Siblings: TV presenter, writer and teacher Yuri Vyazemsky and People’s Artist of Russia, theater and film actress Evgenia Simonova
Theater and film actress Olga Ostroumova
11/16/2010 Actor Yegor Beroev
People’s Artist of Russia, TV presenter Yuri Nikolaev
Traveling through the pedigree of your favorite holiday - New Year
12/19/2009 - People’s Artist of Russia, actress Olga Aroseva
Actor Dmitry Kharatyan
Actress Nonna Grishaeva
Singer, People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Rastorguev
Actor Alexander Lazarev Jr., son of Alexander Lazarev Sr. and Svetlana Nemolyaeva
10.31.2009 - Actor and director Vladimir Menshov
Dmitry Dibrov - TV host, host of the TV show “Who wants to become a millionaire?” on Channel One
Elizaveta Boyarskaya - actress, daughter of actor Mikhail Boyarsky and actress Larisa Luppian
“Literary Newspaper”: “The very idea of the television program evokes sympathy: in a country where in less than a hundred years they twice destroyed everything“ to the ground “, giving rise to countless Ivanovs who do not remember kinship, such a transmission is a balm for wounds. The example of Dmitry Kharatyan (the hero of the latest issue) shows how the history of Russia is closely intertwined with the branches of the family tree of each of us. (...) And everything would be wonderful, but the “hasty” simplicity of some episodes, the obvious element of the “PR” of the telecast heroes and the desire of the latter to make “candy” from their family tree a little hindered. This human weakness, by the way, has been exploited for many years by compilers of various pedigrees of letters ”[10].
Rossiyskaya Gazeta:“ Another famous writer Daria Dontsova, while talking about her “Bloodline” on Channel One, found that her dad - a great literary official Arkady Vasiliev, who at one time became famous not only for his books, but for his role in the trial against Sinyavsky and Daniel - he was a public prosecutor - turned out to be an employee of the KGB. But, frankly, as far as I remember, back then, in the 60s and 70s, it was an open secret. Everyone guessed why Soviet literature needed such a writer as Arkady Vasiliev. Guess - guessed, but did not know the whole truth. The daughter reached the third bottom of her father’s biography: he was a scout. ”[11].
The WG also noted the imitation of this project by the program of the Second Channel“ Big Family ”, hosted by Dmitry Kharatyan [12], which was later released.
Equipnet:“ Recently The first channel “showed the series of programs“ My family tree “. Millions of viewers watched with interest the process of searching for the ancestors of famous people in Russia. After which many for the first time asked difficult questions: “What do we know about our ancestors?” Are their names and deeds, and therefore the life they have lived, forever pass away? Will our descendants really forget us who are living now? ”” [13].
Program “My pedigree. Evgenia Simonova and Yuri Vyazemsky ”(nomination“ History Program ”) was nominated at TEFI-2010 [14].
See also
Family Pedigree (Who Do You Think You Are?)
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