Mosberg, Samuel

Sammy - Citizenship: United States USA United States of America Date of Birth: June 14, 18961896-06-14, Place of Birth: New York City, Date of Death:
August 30 19671967-08-30 71 year
Place of death: New York
Olympic games Gold Gold Antwerp 1920
Up to 61.2 kg
Samuel Mosberg eng Samuel Mosberg, June 14, 1896 - August 30, 1967 - American boxer, Olympic champion
Samuel Mosberg was born in New York in 1896. In 1912 he went into boxing. In 1920 he did not qualify for the Olympic Games in Antwerp but he was allowed to go as a reserve member of the team in Antwerp he still lowered to the competition, and he won a gold medal, winning one of the fights in one of the fastest knockouts in the history of boxing
After returning from the Olympics, Samuel Mosberg turned into a professional and performed in the professional ring for three years
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Olympic champions lightweight boxing
1904: 56.7-61.24 kg, 1908: 57.15-63.5 kg, 1920-1936: 57.15-61.24 kg, 1948: 58-62 kg, 1952-2008: 57 -60 kg, 2012 — nv: 56-60 kg
1904: Harry Spanger USA · 1908: Frederick Grace GBR · 1920: Samuel Mosberg USA · 1924: Hans Jacob Nielsen DEN · 1928: Carlo Orlandi ITA · 1932: Lawrence Stevens RSA · 1936: Imre Harangi HUN · 1948: Gerald Dreyer RSA · 1952: Aureliano Bolognese ITA · 1956: Richard McTaggart GBR · 1960: Kazimierz Pazzier POL · 1964: Jozef Grudzen POL · 1968: Ronnie Harris USA · 1972: Jan Szczepanski 1976: Howard Davis USA1980: Angel Herrera CUB1984: Pernell Whitaker USA1988: Andreas Zulov GDR 1992: Oscar De La Hoya USA 1996: Hosin Soltani ALG2 000: Mario Kindelan CUB 2004: Mario Kindelan CUB 2008: Alexey Tischenko RUS 2012: Vasily Lomachenko UKR 2016: Robson Conseisan BRA

Мосберг, Сэмюэл

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