Morel, Eugenio

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Eugenio Morel (Spanish Eugenio Morel; January 1, 1950, Asuncion, Paraguay ) Is a former Paraguayan footballer. Eugenio Morel was a fast left-handed footballer acting as a left forward.
Eugenio Morel was born in Asuncion in 1957, but when the boy was 7 years old, his family moved to Argentina, in the Greater Buenos Aires area .
Morel first played for Racing from Avellaneda in 1969, and made his debut in Example a year later. In 1972, he spent some time in the Taglieres from Remedios de Escalada, and then returned to the Academy. From 1974 to 1979 Morel played for the Paraguayan Libertad, in which he became the country's champion in 1976.
In 1979, Eugenio became the top scorer in the America's Cup, which for the second time went according to the scheme without a specific host country. He scored a double against the Uruguayan national team in the group stage decisive match at Centenario. Both times, the Paraguayans were able to compare the score. As a result, the Guarani beat one of the most titled national teams in the world and advanced to the semifinals. At this stage, Eugenio scored his fourth goal in the tournament, opening an account in the first game against the Brazilian national team by hitting through in a fall through himself (“bisiclet”). Paraguay won the match in their stadium Defensores del Chaco (2: 1), and managed to draw (2: 2) in Maracana and reach the final.
Paraguayans won the first final match against Chile 3-0, although Eugenio failed to score a goal. In the 17th minute of the second match, held at the National Stadium in Santiago, Eugenio Morel and the midfielder of the hosts Eduardo Bonvalier were awarded a double removal from Uruguayan referee Ramon Barreto and both were forced to miss the third match, which took place in Buenos Aires at the Jose Amalfitani stadium only 6 thousand spectators (the Chileans won the home game 1-0, and the rule of the best difference between goals scored and goals conceded was not applied then). After Paraguay and Chile tied the main and extra time (0: 0), CONMEBOL decided to award the victory to Paraguay because of the better goal difference in the first two matches of the final. In addition to Eugenio Morel, the Chilean Jorge Peredo scored 4 goals in the America's Cup in 1979. After winning the national team, offers from foreign clubs began to come in. In 1980, Morel moved to Argentinos Juniors, where Diego Maradona became his partner. Morel formed a powerful bond with Maradona, which lasted only a season.
In 1982, when Maradona left for Boca, Morel himself accepted the offer from San Lorenzo. However, he was no longer able to show his previous level and later moved to Cerro Porteno, and then to the Bolivian Oriente Petrolero. From 1986 to 1996, Eugenio Morel occasionally played for various professional and semi-professional teams in Paraguay, hanging the boots on a nail only at the age of 46.
Eugenio Claudio's son Marcelo Morel Rodriguez also became a footballer, one of the best left backs in the Paraguayan national team 2000s, participant of world championships.
Titles and achievements
Champion of Paraguay (1): 1976
Champion of Argentina (1): 1980 (Metropolitan)
America's Cup winner (1): 1979
America's Cup top scorer (1): 1979
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