Montpellier (fr. Montpellier, ox. Montpelhièr) is one of the largest cities in the south of France, the eighth largest in the whole country, the administrative center of the Languedoc region is Roussillon and the Hero department. Located in the fertile valley of the Lez River, 10 km from the Mediterranean coast.
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Montpellier has been known since the X century as a place for trading spices. It was originally in the shadow of the coastal city of Maglon, who suffered from regular raids by sea robbers. In 1141, the Count of Toulouse built a castle here and gave Montpellier city privileges. The population of the city was multinational, the local Jewish community played a large role in trade. At the end of the XII century, Montpellier came to study medicine, in 1220 the University of Montpellier was established, legitimized by the papal bull from 1289.
Montpellier Cathedral
In 1213, the daughter of the last ruler of the local dynasty, Maria from Montpellier, combined married to the King of Aragon Pedro II. Their descendants owned Montpellier until 1349, when King Jaime III sold it to the French monarchs. During the time of Jacques Coeur, the city became the largest commercial center in the south of the French kingdom and remained so until the rise of Marseille. In 1536, the bishopric was transferred from Maglon to Montpellier.
With the beginning of the Reformation, the population of Montpellier converted to Calvinism. In 1622, Louis XIII besieged the Huguenots in the city, led by Henri de Rogan. In the years 1624-27. on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu, a royal fortress was built in Montpellier. Louis XIV made Montpellier the center of the province of Lower Languedoc. In place of the medieval walls, boulevards and an elegant aqueduct were laid. Especially famous is the esplanade of Peyrou with a classic water tower (1768), which overlooks the sea. Of the medieval fortifications only towers survived. The Gothic cathedral of the XIV century was rebuilt.
About his stay in Montpellier on the waters Denis Fonvizin told in the famous monument of the epistolary genre - “Letters from France” (1777):
You can’t imagine, my sister, my friend now a city. Montpellier can rightly be called a hospital, but such, where they are already recovering. How nice to see people who have the joy on their faces that they feel when they return to their health. Many strangers of all sorts of nations and French from other provinces came here for the winter for health. It is evident that the Lord especially loved this land.
Triumphal gates of Peyrou (1693)
In addition to the cathedral church of St. Petra, tourists are interested in the oldest botanical garden in France (opened in 1593) and the Fabre Museum with a rich collection of works by French artists, including impressionists. Montpellier hosts an international wine fair every year.
A sharp increase in population began in the 1960s. due to the influx of immigrants from Algeria, which gained independence from the mother country. In 1999, the population was 225.4 thousand people, in 2005 - 248 thousand people. According to the 2006 census, the population of Montpellier was 251,392. Together with the suburbs, the population was about 600,000 in 2006.
Montpellier has rail links with other cities in France. Main railway station - St Roch; TGV high-speed trains stop here.
Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport is located southeast of Montpellier, in the Fréjorgues area of Mauguio.
Montpellier pedestrian and pedestrian street
Public transport Montpellier is operated by TaM (Transports de l ' agglomération de Montpellier). The city transport network includes buses and four tram lines (scheme)
Also in 2007, the Vélomagg bicycle rental network was opened, covering currently 1,200 bicycles and 50 stations.
A French football club is based in the city Montpellier, founded in 1919. The home arena of the team is the Stad de la Mosson stadium.
Climate Montpellier - Metric
January. Feb.
March. Apr. May. June
Aug. Sep. Oct. Oct. Nov.
Dec. Year
Absolute maximum, ° C
22.0 - 25.5 - 29.8 - 32.6 - 36.2 - 37.5 - 36.8 - 36.3 - 29, 8, 27.1, 22.0, 37.5, average maximum, ° C, 11.1, 12.4, 14.7, 17, 5, 21.1, 25.3, 28.4, 27.7, 24.7, 20.2, 14.7, 11.7
19.1 - Average temperature, ° C - 6.6 - 7.8 - 9.8 - 12.6 - 16.1 - 19.9
22.8 - 22.2 - 19.4 - 15.4 - 10.3 - 7.2 - 14.2
Average minimum, ° C
2.2 - 3.3 - 4.9 - 7.8 - 11.2 - 14.6 - 17.1 - 16.7
Absolute minimum, ° C
0.6 5.4
Precipitation rate, mm - 72 - 72 - 55 - 54 - 52 - 33 - 20 - 41 - 62 - 109 - 62
Source: Infoclimat
Famous Natives and Residents
Born in Montpellier:
Pierre Magnoli (1638-1715) - Nerd.
Francois Perrier (1835-1888 ) - French general, geodesist and mathematician. Member of the French Academy of Sciences.
Frederic Bazil (1841-1870) - impressionist artist.
Remy Gaillard (1975) - French comedian.
Other residents:
François Rabelais (d. 1553) - French writer and doctor. He studied at the University of Montpellier.
Nostradamus (1503-1566) - French pharmacist and astrologer. Studied at the University of Montpellier.
Paul Valerie (1871-1945) - French poet and essayist.
Twin cities
Montpellier is a twin city of the following cities:
Louisville, USA (1955)
Heidelberg, Germany (1961)
Barcelona, Spain (1963)
Chengdu, China (1981)
Tiberias, Israel (1983)
Fez, Morocco (2003)
Tlemcen, Algeria (2009) )
Jaipur, India (2009)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011)
City Hall website (fr.)
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