Maskelain islands

Maskelynes Islands
New Hebrides
Water Area
Pacific Ocean, Country
Vanuatu Vanuatu
Maskelynes Islands English Maskelynes is a small chain of small islands, which is part of the New Hebrides archipelago, or the Republic of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean They lie southeast of Malekula1 This area is rich in fish and sharks2 The nature of the islands is considered to be magnificent3 Tourism is not yet sufficiently developed in this area, in view of the distance from more lively large islands, but they are recommended for snorkeling and diving 4 Although there are warnings of strong currents between the islands 4
The islands of this chain are relatively densely populated, which, since they are remote from the mainland from which hostile tribes with no sailing experience could not reach these islands, thus the local tribes had a natural defense
The islands are poorly equipped with modern infrastructure, although the Vanuatu government and various institutions cooperate with local residents in assisting them. There are attempts to create medical and educational institutions4
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The Maskelyne Islands, South Malekula

Маскелайнские острова

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