Milf and whore

Drama - Director, Jean Estache, Producer, Bob Reifelson, Pierre Cottrell, Vincent Mal, Writer, Script, Jean Estache, Mainly
cast - Jean-Pierre Leo - Bernadette Lafonte - Francoise Lebrun - Isabelle Weingarten - Camera operator - Pierre Lomme - Film company - Elite Films,
Ciné Qua Non,
Les Films du Losange
217 min.
France France
French | Year
ID 0070359
“Mom and Slut” by La Maman et la Putain - 1973 directorial debut film by director Jean Estas, recognized by Caye du Cinema magazine as the best French film of the 1970s. Widely recognized as one and peaks of French cinema1
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In the center of the plot is a love triangle: “ mommy ”Marie - Alexander -“ confused ”Veronica The line of relations between Alexander and Veronica is partly written off from the real relationship of the film director Jean Estache and actress Francoise Lebrune
The main character of the film is the representative of a generation of French youth who survived the spring of 1968, Jean Estache tried to maximize the closeness to real life, following u e of the established cinematic tradition of the French new wave The plot of the film is not rich in sharp turns or difficult vicissitudes The psychological experiences that are in the focus of the director are transmitted through long dialogues and monologues. The main character, Alexander Jean-Pierre Leo, is disappointed in life, yearning for the unemployed, a former rebel and participant in the May uprisings of 1968, Alexander - the embodiment of frustration, apathy, despair and loneliness of an entire generation of young people who rebelled against adults, capitalism and statehood and He is a lost person who has not managed to embody the ideals of his youth and exchanged the game of the mind for puns
Casting an edit
Bernadette Lafonte - Marie
Jean-Pierre Leo - Alexander
Francoise Lebrunne - Veronica
Isabelle Weingarten - Gilbert
Film crew edit
Scriptwriter and director: Jean Estache
Cinematographer: Pierre Lomme
Notes edit
↑ Sight & amp; Sound 2012 critics top 250 films | BFI | British Film Institute
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