Mamedov, Samir

Date of birth:
May 15, 19881988-05-15 28 years old
Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR
Weight category:
Flyweight - 51 kg
Samir Mammadov - Azerbaijani amateur boxer, silver medalist of the European Championship 2006, world and European champion 2005 among juniors, European champion among cadets 2004
Azerbaijan national team - European Championship 2006 - up to 48 kg: Jeykhun Abiyev | up to 51 kg: Samir Mammadov | up to 54 kg: Ragim Najafov | up to 57 kg: Shakhin Imranov to | up to 60 kg: Romal Amanov | up to 64 kg: Emil Maharramov | up to 69 kg: Nasimi Aydinov | up to 75 kg: Ragib Beglyarov | up to 81 kg: Javid Tagiyev | up to 91 kg: Elchin Alizade | over 91 kg: Emil Kerimov | Head coach: Mammad Eyvazov
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Мамедов, Самир

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