Lebedev, Alexey Alekseevich (submariner)

Alexey Alekseevich Lebedev
Date of birth: July 1 (July 19) 1912 (1912-07-19)
Place of birth: 15 years Suzdal, Vladimir Province

Date of death: November 15, 1941 (1941-11-15) (29 years old)
Place of death: Gulf of Finland
Genus activities:
marine painter
The years of creativity:
1933 - 1941
Kronstadt (1939)
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Wikipedia has articles about other people named Lebedev, Alexey.
Monument to Alexei Lebedev in Suzdal
Alexey Alexeevich Lebedev (July 19 (August 1), 1912, Suzdal - November 15, 1941, Finnish Bay) - a marinist poet, a submariner.
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biography of the poet's father Alexei (Senior) - lawyer, mother Lyudmila - a teacher. Paternal grandfather - Alexei Dmitrievich Lebedev was a priest of the Suzdal Nikolskaya church. In connection with the official assignments of his father, the family moved first to Siauliai, then to Kostroma, and in 1927 to Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Here Aleksey graduated from grade 9 in school number 27. Later, Alexey’s father was accused of belonging to the “Russian Fascist Party” and spying for Germany, after which he was shot [source not specified 720 days].
Not long worked as an assistant plumber . Then he went to the North, served as a cabin boy, and then a sailor on the ships of the Sevrybtrest and the merchant fleet. Three years later he returned to Ivanovo, entered the construction department of the industrial technical school. In 1933 he was drafted into the army and sent to the Baltic Fleet. He began his service in Kronstadt, was enrolled in the school of radio operators, then was sent to Oranienbaum in the radio squadron. In 1935 he remained on the extra urgent. In 1936 he entered the Leningrad Higher Naval School named after Frunze. During the Soviet-Finnish war, cadet Lebedev voluntarily participated in battles with the Finnish fleet on the Lenin squadron as a navigator-trainee. He graduated from the Higher Naval School named after Frunze in 1940.
He began writing poetry during his school years. The first publications - in the fleet newspaper "Red Baltic Fleet". In 1939 his first book, Kronstadt, was published. In the same year, Lebedev was admitted to the Union of Writers of the USSR. In 1940, the poet’s second book, The Lyrics of the Sea, was published. He was fond of the work of Jack London.
After graduating from school, the navigator of scuba diving, Alexey Lebedev, was enlisted in the 14th division of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet training submarine training brigade. He served in the submarine "L-2". Died with her. According to the testimony of the survivors, in the last minutes, when behind the stern someone shouted for help, Lebedev threw his lifejacket to the drowning man. Of the entire crew, only three were saved. There were no survivors among Alexei Lebedev.
In Ivanovo (in 1965), Suzdal and Kronstadt, streets were named after the poet Alexei Lebedev. In the Literary Square of the city of Ivanovo, a granite bust of Lebedev was installed. In Ivanovo, on the buildings of School No. 27 and the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (the former industrial technical school), where he studied, memorial plaques were installed. A plaque is installed in Suzdal on the house where he lived. One of the ships of the Baltic Fleet bears his name.
In August 2008, a monument to the poet was opened in Suzdal.
Poetry Collection Kronstadt L., 1939. Poetry Collection Lyrics of the Sea 1940 Propulsion "A pennant of fire" 1942 (posthumously)
The life of Alexei Lebedev devoted to the book "The Unpayable Score" by Larisa Shchasnoi.
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Лебедев, Алексей Алексеевич (подводник)

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