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Churchill College - Motto - Forward - Founded: 1958 - Type - Cambridge University College - Master
Athena Donald
4701 - Graduate School
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Cambridge, Storey's Way CB3 0DS
Wikimedia Commons Images - Churchill College English Churchill College is one of the colleges of Cambridge University
In 1958, with the support of Winston Churchill, who became chairman of the board of trustees, it was decided to create and build a new college for 540 students and 60 scholarship holders Royal Charter 2 and the Charter of the New The institution was approved by Elizabeth II in August 1960. The college is located far from the city center on the outskirts of Cambridge, but not far from the new university development zone in which the Center for Mathematical Sciences is located. The area of the college is 16 hectares 0.16 km², which makes it the largest among Cambridge colleges, Churchill College, where initially only male students were admitted, was one of the first to be reorganized into mixed in 1972.3
Forward College motto English Forward taken from the final phrases Churchill’s first appearance in the House of Commons as Prime Minister: the famous speech “Blood, sweat and tears” ended with the words “Let's go ahead together, joining forces” Eng. Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength4
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History edit | edit code
During a vacation in Sicily in 1955, Churchill, shortly after his resignation as Prime Minister, discussed with English Jock Colville the English Jock Colville and Lord Cherwell the English Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell was impressed with the possibility of creating a new Churchill Institute The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and wanted to create its British version, but these plans were revised into a more modest proposal: create a science and technology center based on the University of Cambridge
The first graduate students started their studies in 1960, and a year later and first students Full-fledged status was obtained by the college in 1966. After 1972, women students began to receive
In 1979, Cambridge University had its own English radio station, FM FM, broadcast from Churchill College in 20115
Masterreport | edit code
Rector's duties are performed by Masters During the existence of the college there were 7 of them:
1959-1967: John Cockcroft English John Douglas Cockcroft
1968-1983: William Hawthorne English William Hawthorne
1983-1990: Herman Bondi English Hermann Bondi 1990-1996: Alec Broers Alec Broers 1996–2006: John Boyd English John Boyd 1968-1983: David Wallace English David Wallace 2014 - present: Athena Donald English Athene Donald
Famous Teachers and Fellowships | edit code
Raymond Allchin 1923–2010, archaeologist, culturologist, Cambridge teacher, full member of the college since 1963
Mogens Herman Hansen r 1940, Danish antiquologist, one of the world's largest experts in the Athenian people's assembly
Simon White R 1951, astrophysicist, studied at the college from 1978 to 1980
Famous graduates and students edit code
See also category: Churchill Cambridge college graduates
Anthony Atkinson 1944—2017, economist, creator of the Atkinson index
Michael Green r 1946, professor Claire Hall
Tim Ingold r 1948, British anthropologist
Björn Stroustrup r 1950, programmer, author of the C ++ programming language
Roger Tsien 1952—2016, American chemist
Steven Tweedie r 1969, software engineer, known for his work on the Linux kernel
Jan Jackson, author of the free Software Engineer and Debian Developer - Andrew Parker r 1962, CEO of Security Services Since April 2013 - Churchill College - Library on the left and dining room on the right - Chapel - Moller Center
Notes | edit code
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Churchill College official site
Churchill College Cambridge on Wikimedia Commons

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