Catta Uradarya

113 km
1410 km²
Water consumption
4.81 m³ / s Bazartepa village - Watercourse - Istok B B

· Location | Gissar Range , Harkush pass
· Altitude - about 3400 m
· Coordinates 38 ° 39′53 ″ with w 67 ° 19′16 ″ in DGGYO
Ustye T B
Pachkamar reservoir uz
· Location
below the village of Ravat
· Altitude
about 670 m
· Coordinates 38 ° 32′08 ″ with w 66 ° 27′23 ″ in dHGYAO
Water system - Pachkamar reservoir → Guzardarya → Kashkadarya - Country
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Region
Kashkadarya region
Regions - Kamashinsky district, Dekhkanabad district
This term has other meanings, see Chimbay
This term also has other meanings, see Aksu and Katta-Uradarya, Katta Uradarya, Katta-Uryadarya, Uradarya Uzb Katta Oʻradaryo / Katta ¡radaryo - a river in the Kamashi and Dekhkanabad districts of the Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan1, the right part of the Guzardaryauz river in the upper reaches is called Igrisu uzb Egrisuv / Egrisuv; according to some sources, it is called Chimbay from the source, then - Aksu, and only after that takes the name Igrisu23 - Contents
1 Hydrological characteristic
2 River flow
3 Economic use
4 Ichthyofauna
5 Pool Catta-Uradarya
6 Notes
7 Literature
Hydrological characteristics edit code
The length of the Katta-Uradarya is 113 km4, the basin area is 1410 km² The average long-term water discharge, measured in the village of Bazartepa, was 4.81 m³ / s with a flow variability coefficient of 0.476 for the observation period from 1965-20025 River nutrition make up snow, rain and spring waters. The river increases the full-flow from March to May4. The flow per year in the village of Bazartepa is 151.8 million m³, the average flow module is 3.85 l / sqm², the flow layer is 121 cm / year6
Current river ship | edit code
Katta-Uradarya originates in the western part of the Hissar Range, from the Kharkush pass 3448 m According to the National Encyclopedia of Uzbekistan, the source is called Igrisu4 According to topographic maps of the General Staff, the river acquires the name Igrisu below, approximately in the area of the village of the same name23 , and from the source it is called Chimbay and then - Aksu23
In a small section in the upper reaches it flows to the north-east, then, above the village of Dukan Khan it is oriented in the general western direction with a slight bias to the south, preserving it flesh to the mouth, however, the channel forms many bends1 Katta-Uradarya flows mainly among mountains4
The settlements of Dukankhan, Palvansay3, Akdara, Akkishlak, Igrisu, Supa Koshkul, Karankul2, Bakyrchi, Alma, Terakli, Kokbulak Kan, Gannaza, Naiman, Chaygul, Baikurgan, Chashtepa, Shurguzar, Abad, Bazartepa7, Rawat, Chukur8
Katta-Uradarya on the right, merging with Kichik-Uradaryoyuz on the left, form the Guzardaryuuz river -Uradarya for the settlement P watts flow into the northeastern part of the reservoir, at an altitude of about 670 m8
The flow velocity in the area of the settlement of Soupa, the section called Igrisu is 3.0 m / s2, in the area of the settlement of Alma - 1.2 m / s, in near the settlement of Abad - 2.0 m / s7, near the settlement of Ravat, near the mouth - 0.8 m / s8 The width of the river at the settlement of Bakyrchi is 8 m, the depth is 1.0 m, at the settlement of Kan - 16 m and 50 cm, respectively, in the area of the settlement of Naiman - 12 m and 50 cm, respectively, in the area of the settlement of Baytkurgan - 20 m and 60 cm, respectively, in the region of the settlement of Abad - 10 m and 50 cm, respectively, the bottom soil at all points is solid8
Economic use edit | edit code
Katta-Uradarya supplies water to nearby villages and agricultural land4
In the upper reaches, near the settlements of Igrisu and Karankul, flour mills were built on the river2
Ichthyofauna send | edit code
Common marinka found in the river11
Catta-Uradarya Basin edit code
The large tributaries of the Katta-Uradarya are4 Almatytsay on the right, Kyzylsayuz on the left2, Gaukhanauz or Zarangbulak on the left7, Shorsugde
Notes edit | edit the code
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Literature edit code
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