Stone perch zebra

Serranus scriba Linnaeus, 1758
Security status
Least Concerns IUCN 31 Least Concern: 198713
Systematicana Wikipedia Images on Wikimedia Commons - ITIS 167862NCBI 349661EOL 215470
Stone perch zebra [1] lat Serranus scriba - species fish perch family Serranidae
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2 Description
3 Biology
4 Notes
Distributed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean from the English Channel and Bay of Biscay to Senegal, including the Azores and Canaries, the Madeira archipelago, as well as in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Seas
Description strenght
Body elongated, relatively high, covered with ctenoid scales In the dorsal fin 10 spiny and 14-17 soft rays In the anal fin 3 spiny and 7-8 soft rays Caudal fin truncated or slightly rounded Body color from orange to red from 5-8 vertical stripes that extend to the dorsal fin in the back of the body Stripes from bluish to dark brown [2] Normal sizes vary from 5 to 25 cm, maximum standard body length 36 cm [3] Maximum life expectancy 16 years [4]
Marine Ave bottom fish Dwells at a depth of 5-150 m above rocky, sandy and pebble soils, often in thickets of Posidonii
Synchronous hermaphrodites First mature at a body length of 9.3 cm 50% of the population Spawn in the Adriatic Sea in May-August with a peak in June -Jule In the Black Sea, spawning is recorded from June to September [5] [2]
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↑ Serranus scriba English in the FishBase database ↑ Zorica, B, Pallaoro, A, Sinovčić, G, and Čikeš Keč, V Recent data of maximum age and length of painted comber Serranus scriba Linnaeus, 1758 in the Mediterranean Sea // Acta Adriat - 2010 - Vol 51, No. 2 - P 223—226
↑ Zorica, B, Sinovčić, G, Pallaoro, A and Čikeš Keč , V Reproductive biology and length – weight relationship of painted comber, Serranus scriba Linnaeus, 1758, in the Trogir Bay area middle-eastern Adriatic // Journal of Applied Ichthyology - 2006 - Vol 22 - P 260–263 - DOI: 101111 / j1439-0426200600632x

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