Islam on St. Helena

Islam on Saint Helena is a minority religion On St Helena, Muslims make up less than 01% of the island’s total population [1] Most of the island’s population is Christian [2]
The first nobleman of St Helena was Portuguese nobleman Fernand Lopis converted to Islam In 1503, Lopis accompanied Portuguese admiral Afonso di Albuquerque during his first trip to Goa on the west coast of India, Albuquerque went to Portugal for reinforcements, leaving Lopis at the head of the garrison and Goa When Albuquerque returned two years later, he discovered that the garrison had sided with the Bijapur Sultanate. Some soldiers married local women, and some, including Lopis himself, converted to Islam. [3] Lopis and other defectors surrendered to Albuquerque, provided that they will be saved. However, they were tortured so cruelly that half of them died within three days. Lopis was tied to two wooden posts with ropes, and the people of Albuquerque cut off his nose, ears, right hand and thumb of his left hand, according to other sources, also pointing and middle fingers Hair on the head and beard was scraped off by shells of marine mollusks On the way to Portugal, Lopish chose voluntary exile on St. Helena, where he lived in almost complete seclusion for about thirty years
Among black slaves imported by the British East India Company to work on Saint Helena until 1792, Muslims from West Africa were Muslims [4] [5] However, most of them later adopted Christianity [6] After 1792, it was decided to start hiring for work in the agricultural sector of the island an attack by workers from China and India, including Muslims [7]
Nowadays, the number of Muslims on St. Helena does not exceed 01% of the total population of the island [1] These are mainly descendants of migrants from India and West Africa
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