Idra (destroyer)

Idra destroyer Greek Αντιτορπιλικό ΥΔΡΑ - Greek destroyer of the Dardo type Built by order of the Greek government in 1929-1933 at the Odero Terni shipyard - Orland, Sestri Ponente, Italy. Like the predecessor of Idra, the battleship got the name of the main island strongholds of the Greek fleet of the era of the Greek revolution of the island of Hydra Accordingly, the other two ships of the series received the names of the island of Psara Psara the destroyer and the island of Spetses Spetses the destroyer The fourth vessel of the series received the name of the commander of the Greek fleet in the Balkan oymi Admiral Kunturiiotis Kunturiiotis destroyer
Launched on October 11, 1931 Accepted by the Greek Navy in 1933
The destroyer took part in the Greek-Italian war of 1940-1941 escorting convoys The destroyer also took part in the raid in the Otranto Strait on November 14-15 1940
In the Anglo-Italian naval battle at Cape Tenaron, a group of Greek destroyers, including Idra, was tasked with preventing the withdrawal of the Italian fleet on March 29, 1941. Idra picked up 110 Italian sailors into the sea on April 2–6, 1941 years, Germany entered the war, who came to power to Italians On April 22, the destroyer received an order to head to the islands of Fleves, where he was to meet and escort to the island of Crete the submarine Papanikolis Y-2 and the Marie Mersk auxiliary ship loaded with ammunition. A German destroyer was attacked from Aegina island. Out of about 60 none of the destroyers hit the dropped bombs, but 8 of them, exploding near the ship, caused the hull to leak, causing the ship to flood at the island of Lagus, Saronic Gulf At the same time, from machine-gun shelling and fragments, ibli captain Theodoros Pezopulos and 41 members ekipazha1

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Egyptian sailing trophy Idra corvette Joined the fleet in 1827
Steam Idra gunboat Joined the fleet in 1881
Idra battleship Joined the fleet in 1889
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Hydra frigate cm Hydra-type frigates Joined the fleet in 1992
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Literature edit | edit code - Aris Bilalis Greek destroyer type Psara rus // Okrety Wojenne - 2000 - No. 3

Идра (эсминец)

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